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Why Does Easybot Recommend $600 Deposit For Trading?

Eazybot charges three price points for an annual membership, that is, 0$ for the free forever plan, $250 for the advanced plan, and then $995 for the VIP. Each plan has its distinguished offering, allowing you a certain amount, level, and several benefits.

However, to start trading with the exchange using the tool, the recommended amount deposit is $600. One of the frequently asked questions by new users in our live chat sessions is that “What’s the minimum for individuals that may not have that much to put in?”

So, Why Does Easybot Recommend $600 Deposit For Trading?

The recommended amount to put in as a deposit to start trading your coin with Eazybot is $600. The reason Easybot recommends $600 is that some exchanges do not allow trades less than $20. Some exchanges allow $10. So if the bot takes $600 as the base minimum and the bot strategy takes 3.3% as the initial trade, 3.3% of $600 is $20. 

However, you could still trade less than that, but you’re subjecting yourself to risk because when you put aside $600 for a particular coin, you are putting aside enough funds to sustain a 50 to 60% drop in the market. 

Easybot doesn’t always use those funds, the software uses some of it to close out the trade, but just in case the market drops, it will have enough funds to cover it and the bot will continue to work for us. 

Aside from that, as a reassurance, the company allocate the funds. Leave it there for the coin and let the bot do its trick. 

Can I start of trade with Easybot at less than $600?

Remember, you can trade with less than $600 as the base minimum after binding your exchange account with Easybot and ready to trade your coin. but you’re risking the fact that the drop in the market could really take effect and you’ll be stuck in coins because the bot needs to be at the lower price points, making profitable trades and that’s what the bot does. 

It takes independent positions when the coins drop quite a bit and when it gets to those lower price points the bot takes little profits at a time even in a down-trending market – that’s what singles Easybot out from the crowd. 

The automated trading tool makes this strategy so incredible that a lot of people who adopt the bot and observe the strategy are always astonished. It works and it’s programmed perfectly to handle 50 to 60% drops in the market. 

What happens if the drop in the market is beyond 60%? 

Since Easybot is fully customizable, Easybot is designed to adjust its settings if worse comes to worst the performance of the crypto market experienced a drastic hit. 

That means if, let’s say, we see a 40% drop in the market and at that point we’re worried, it further goes down to 20% – we don’t have any more funds after that.

What can happen at this point to cushion the situation is to add a few $100 more to the exchange account and add more parameters at that point so that it can sustain an even further 40% drop at that point. 

There are ways we can accommodate the bots so that it continues to trade even if the coins drop over 60%, 70%, or whatever it may be. And of course, we don’t anticipate it going even worse than that because, based on the last 10 years, we’ve seen 50 to 60% drops. But the bot can be customised to suit any given market situation, making it so reliable and comfortable. 

The developers behind Easybot are trend-oriented and know what’s happening in the market. The owner knows the leaders know. Essentially, the tool can handle the drops.

What are Easybot 1-Click Strategy settings?

After linking your crypto account with Eazybot, you will need to activate the bot and start trading funds in your crypto account. At that point, it is advised to take advantage of the software’s unique selling point which is the 1-Click Strategy.

The Easybot 1-Click Strategy allows users to trade in minutes without constant inspection. But the tool also offers the option to set your strategies. 

If you are new to automated trading, you should model the strategies of experts as provided on the app. This historical data is helpful for those who know little or do not even jack about setting strategies for crypto bots.

Should I remain in Easybot Free forever plan?

The free plan of Easybot is a membership price that comes with no charge. It is a good thing for a start, especially given that it allows you to test the efficiency of the bot before investing fully into it – something that many trading bots won’t offer.

However, under this plan, you can not trade more than two coins on one exchange, e.g Binance. But you still have access to the 1-Click Strategy Set Up. The good thing is that this plan also offers Group Support Calls & Training Guides, as well as Tutorials Professional Marketing App to earn An Affiliate.

EazyBot pricing

As time goes on, you will see the need to move to the Novice plan. Not only will that give you access to everything contained in the free plan, but you will also be able to trade up to ten coins on up to two exchanges. However, it will set you back $250 per year.

As you migrate from the free membership plan to higher ones, you have higher income potential on the Eazybot affiliate membership. 

Payment for these Eazybot plans is via tether (USDT).

Who should use Easybot, ideally?

One of the core values of Easybot that distinguish it from other crypto trading software is that Easybot is aimed that breaking the narrative that only tech-savvy individuals can succeed as crypto traders and digital asset owners.

The interface of the Easy bot app and its software dashboard has been simplified such that one with little or no experience in trading can rely on automated trading by modelling strategies readily available by experts in the past.

Easybot appears to be something a lot of people have been all looking for for so long- an automated trading bot that is safe, built by the people of the community, and has all the live support to put users through at every point in the way.

Essentially, Easybot is focused on giving everyone a safe place in crypto while educating them about crypto which makes it ideal for just anyone who has a flair for making money through cryptocurrency assets.

Final thoughts

Easybot being an AI technology claims to make automated crypto trading simple and accessible to anyone. However, some people still find it hard to get started, especially those with doubt or no prior experience. This is why I painstakingly created this one-stop guide that is sure to put you through all you need to know about EazyBot, and how to get started to start earning with it.

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