When was EazyBot Launched

When was EazyBot Launched?

Trading cryptocurrencies may look like an easy task but in reality, it’s a lot harder when you begin. You will require long years of experience and funding to thrive. This is why 95% of traders may not be successful crypto traders.

However, the creation of Eazybot has been designed to change your trading experience. Trading cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore with the Eazy bot pre-programmed strategy, both beginners and experts can enter the market confidently, trade confidently, and earn profits.

To help you understand all about Eazybot, let’s walk you through on who owns the Eazybot trade platform and when it was launched. Let’s go!

When was EazyBot Launched?

On a surface level, Mohammed Omer Ali is recognized as the founder and CEO of the EazyBot crypto trading robot. Eazybot was fully licensed and registered in 2018 and was updated for the second time on 23rd December 2021.

Mohammed is an experienced Project Manager with a plausible history in different sectors such as the elevator and escalators, new installation industry, sales, and marketing Business Development, and Branch management. Eazybot has some recognition in Newsbit, Cyrptogreek, Cryptotips.EU, and Coincodex.

Just recently, Eazybot had its official launch on February 24th, 2022 In Dubia, this launch was also live streamed for users and patners to connect. The meeting was hosted by Muhammed Ali and co-partners expounding more about the reason for creating Eazybot.

Reason for the Launch of Eazybot

Cryptocurrency suffered a major downturn in 2021 which affected the trading market. Not only did it affect the market it affected crypto traders and Muhammed Ali and his friends had their fair share of loss.

This drove him to think outside of the box and possible ways to build a reliable system in the trading market. This was the birthing of the automated crypto trading bot

Muhammad who was already a professional and an engineer began an in-depth study on numbers seeking to develop a strategy to help traders trade confidently without losing profits.

Key TakeAway

  1. Eazybot is designed p for all crypto traders, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, you don’t have to worry about entry points or parameters.
  2. With the Eazybot 1 Click strategy, you can easily set your trading account, and close profitable trades without being an expert.
  3. Typically the crypto market is volatile but the Eazybot is automated and intelligently designed to keep making profits of at least 50% or more for you. It doesn’t matter the downturn of the crypto market you are always on the winning side.
  4. You can decide on using the EazyBot’s Automatic Compounding feature, this feature allows you to grow your crypto earnings. It collects all your earnings or profits and instantly adds them to the available funds for your future trades.
  5. The Eazybot allows you to create your trading strategy whether you choose to day trade or scalp.
  6. The Eazybot allows you to control your fund, you have a variety of options to choose from: it has three compensation plans for users: the free bot version, the advanced package, which is $250, and the VIP package, which costs $995.


Eazybot is a dream come through for any trader seeking to confidently trade the cryptocurrency market. With Eazybot you can create a personal software solution, therefore they can easily automate tasks, and connect to other bots. why don’t you give this Eazybot crypto trading bot a try?

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