What is USDT?

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Tether USDT is a cryptocurrency established on the US dollar (USD), so the value of a Tether coin will also match the value of one dollar. It costs very little to move money from one wallet to another.

EazyBot - Automated Crypto Trading AI | Start Trading Now

The app can use an “Electronic wallet” in each account. Here are the steps you need to follow to find your address so you can deposit this cryptocurrency.

Please be aware that the eazybot uses the money you put into your eazybot account to pay for commissions. To get started in the stock market, you must put at least 20 USDT into your account.

Below 10 USDT, the bot doesn’t work. The App eazybot also trades on your Binance or Huobi account with the USDT cryptocurrency. So, make sure you have a certain amount of USDT on Binance or Huobi to start auto trading with them.

USDT is a cryptocurrency that can be used to transfer different tokens. This is what we need. In our case, you need to use TRC20.

Pay attention to this because if you make a mistake, the payment will be lost, and you can’t get it back.


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