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Royal Q Alternative

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EazyBot Simplifies cryptocurrency trading by offering tried and tested strategies, along with an intelligent AI that executes all your trades, leading to more dependable outcomes

Hey there my friends! In this in-depth comparison article, we’re going to take a close look at Royal Q Crypto Trading Bot and EazyBot to help you make the best choice for your crypto trading needs. Throughout this writeup, you’ll discover the key similarities and differences between these two trading bots, including their auto trading features, supported crypto exchanges, trading strategies, market crash correction capabilities, and customer support. We’ll also delve into their pricing plans and compensation structures to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of each bot. By the end of this content, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision and choose the best crypto trading bot for your goals. So, let’s jump right in and get started!

Both Royal Q and EazyBot allow users to automate their crypto trading with pre-configured settings or customizable strategies. They both use USDT as the base currency and support multiple crypto exchanges. However, EazyBot stands out with its market crash correction strategy, which can handle a 70% drop in the crypto market. Additionally, EazyBot offers an auto-compounding feature to enhance trading automation and take advantage of compound interest. On the other hand, Royal Q specializes in copy trading or social trading, allowing users to subscribe to the trading strategies of others. When it comes to customer support, EazyBot shines with 24/7 support, community support, and training calls, while Royal Q lags behind in this area. Pricing-wise, Royal Q charges $100 per year, while EazyBot’s paid version ranges from $250 to $995 depending on the package. The compensation plans for both bots are also compared in the content. EazyBot’s additional customization features include trailing take profit and backtested performance. Furthermore, EazyBot’s compounding feature is not available with Royal Q, and it supports a range of 10 to 21 handpicked crypto coins for stability. Both Royal Q and EazyBot use spot trading with no leverage or margin, and historical trading performance suggests an average monthly return of 8-12%. In terms of compensation plans, Royal Q has six ranks and offers a range for the fast start bonus based on rank, while EazyBot has 11 ranks and offers a fixed bonus amount. EazyBot also allows free members to earn the same commissions as paid members, which is not the case with Royal Q. The distribution of revenue share pools differs between the two bots, with Royal Q allocating 5% to V6 distributors and EazyBot spreading 5% across the top two ranks. Overall, EazyBot pays out a higher percentage of total revenue through its compensation plan compared to Royal Q. These are just a few highlights from the comprehensive comparison between Royal Q and EazyBot, so make sure to read to the end for more in-depth analysis and insights. And remember, the choice between these two crypto trading bots ultimately depends on your trading preferences and goals.


Auto trading with pre-configured settings

Both Royal Q and EazyBot offer the convenience of auto trading with pre-configured settings. This feature is especially beneficial for beginners who may not have the experience or knowledge to manually execute trades. Auto trading allows the bot to analyze market trends and execute trades on your behalf, saving you time and effort.

Customizable trading strategies

For more advanced users, both Royal Q and EazyBot allow for customizable trading strategies. This feature enables you to tailor your trading approach according to your preferences and risk tolerance. You can implement your own trading strategies based on technical indicators, market conditions, or any other parameters you deem important.

Base currency and supported exchanges

Both Royal Q and EazyBot use USDT as the base currency for trading. This stablecoin provides stability and makes it easier to calculate profits and losses. Additionally, both bots support multiple crypto exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, and Huobi. EazyBot also offers compatibility with Kraken and plans to expand its supported exchanges in the future.


Free version with VIP strategies

One standout feature of EazyBot is its free version. Unlike many other trading bots that only offer paid subscriptions, EazyBot provides a free version with the same trading strategies as its VIP version. This allows users to get started with auto trading without committing to a paid subscription right away.

Market crash correction strategy

EazyBot includes a unique market crash correction strategy. This proprietary solution is designed to handle significant market crashes of up to 70%. Even in the event of a major drop in the cryptocurrency market, EazyBot can still generate profits without requiring the market to return to the price of the initial order. This feature provides enhanced risk management and protects your trading capital during volatile market conditions.

Auto-compounding feature

Another valuable feature offered by EazyBot is its auto-compounding tool. Compounding refers to the practice of reinvesting profits to generate additional returns over time. EazyBot’s auto-compounding feature automates this process, allowing you to take advantage of compound interest and maximize the growth of your trading capital. By automatically reinvesting profits, you can accelerate the growth of your portfolio and potentially achieve higher returns.

Royal Q

Copy trading or social trading

Royal Q differentiates itself with its copy trading or social trading feature. This allows users to subscribe to the trading strategies of other successful traders. By copying the trades of experienced traders, you can benefit from their knowledge and expertise without needing to develop your own trading strategies. This feature is especially useful for beginners who are still learning the ropes of crypto trading and want to leverage the skills of more experienced traders.

Lack of customer support

While Royal Q offers a range of features and trading options, customer support is an area where it falls short. Unlike EazyBot, which provides 24/7 customer support, community support, and regular training calls, Royal Q’s customer support is limited. This can be a disadvantage for users who require assistance or have questions about the software.

Pricing and compensation plans

Royal Q has an annual software activation fee of $100, making it a more affordable option compared to EazyBot. However, it’s important to consider the overall value and features offered by each bot when evaluating the pricing. Additionally, both Royal Q and EazyBot offer compensation plans for users who want to share the software and earn additional income.

Comparison of additional features

EazyBot offers additional features compared to Royal Q, including trailing take profit and backtested performance. Trailing take profit allows users to set dynamic profit targets that adjust according to market conditions. Backtested performance provides historical data and analysis of trading strategies, giving users insights into past performance before implementing them in live trading. These additional features enhance the flexibility and customization options available with EazyBot.


Importance of compounding

Compounding is a powerful wealth-building strategy that can significantly increase the growth of your trading capital over time. It involves reinvesting profits to generate additional returns, allowing your initial investment to grow exponentially. By reinvesting profits, you can take advantage of compound interest and benefit from the snowball effect of earning returns on previous earnings. Compounding is especially important in the volatile cryptocurrency market, where small gains can accumulate into substantial profits over time.

Per trade basis compounding

EazyBot offers compounding on a per trade basis, which allows for greater flexibility and control. Instead of compounding the entire trading account balance, EazyBot allows you to choose which trades to compound based on your trading strategy and risk management preferences. This feature gives you the ability to optimize your compounding strategy and adapt it to changing market conditions.

Limited number of stable coins

EazyBot supports a range of 10 to 21 handpicked stable coins for compounding. These stable coins offer stability and reduce the potential volatility and risk associated with other cryptocurrencies. However, it’s important to note that diversifying with multiple stable coins may not provide true diversity due to their correlation with Bitcoin. While stable coins can help mitigate risk, they should be used in conjunction with a well-diversified portfolio of different asset classes.

Trading Strategy

Spot trading without leverage

Both Royal Q and EazyBot utilize spot trading without leverage. Spot trading involves buying and selling actual cryptocurrencies on the spot market, as opposed to trading derivatives or options. This trading approach provides a more straightforward and less complex experience, making it suitable for beginners. By avoiding leverage, you reduce the risk of significant losses and have direct ownership of the underlying assets.

Historical performance

When evaluating a trading bot’s performance, it’s important to understand that past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Both Royal Q and EazyBot have demonstrated average monthly returns of 8-12% based on historical data. However, these numbers should be taken as an indication of potential performance rather than a guarantee. It’s important to conduct thorough research and consider other factors before making investment decisions.

Social trading

While Royal Q offers social trading through its copy trading feature, EazyBot does not currently provide this option. Social trading allows users to follow and copy the trades of successful traders, benefiting from their expertise and potentially achieving similar trading results. This feature can be especially valuable for beginners who are still learning about crypto trading and want to leverage the success of experienced traders.

Pricing and Fees

Price comparison

When comparing the pricing of Royal Q and EazyBot, it’s essential to consider the overall value and features offered. Royal Q has an annual software activation fee of $100, making it a more affordable option compared to EazyBot’s pricing, which ranges from $250 to $995 depending on the package. However, EazyBot’s paid versions offer additional benefits such as concierge support, priority access, and a wider range of supported crypto coins and exchanges.

Software activation fees

Royal Q requires an annual software activation fee of $100, which grants access to their trading bot. On the other hand, EazyBot has two paid versions: Novice and VIP. The Novice version costs $250 and provides access to the basic features, while the VIP version, priced at $995, offers concierge support, access to all available crypto coins and exchanges, and additional benefits.

VIP version benefits

EazyBot’s VIP version provides several benefits not available in the Novice version. These include concierge support, which ensures personalized assistance and guidance, as well as priority access to new features and updates. The VIP version also grants access to a wider range of supported crypto coins and exchanges, allowing for more diversified trading.

Performance fees

Both Royal Q and EazyBot charge performance fees on successful trades. Royal Q has a performance fee of 20%, while EazyBot’s paid versions also have a 20% performance fee. However, it’s worth noting that EazyBot’s free version has a higher performance fee of 30%. These fees are deducted from your trading profits and are a way for the bot developers to earn revenue for providing the software and ongoing support.

Customer Support

Availability and support options

Customer support is an essential aspect to consider when choosing a trading bot. EazyBot provides 24/7 customer support, community support, and weekly Zoom calls to assist users with any questions or issues they may have. This level of support ensures that users have access to assistance whenever it’s needed, enhancing their overall experience and confidence in using the software. On the other hand, Royal Q has limited customer support, which may be a drawback for users who require more guidance or assistance.

Ownership transparency

EazyBot emphasizes ownership transparency, providing users with confidence and trust in the software and the team behind it. The mind behind EazyBot’s market crash correction strategy and other features is introduced to users, creating a sense of transparency and accountability. On the other hand, Royal Q’s ownership remains anonymous, which may raise concerns for users who prefer more transparency and openness in the software they use.

Compensation Plan

Rank structure

Both Royal Q and EazyBot have compensation plans that reward users for sharing the software and bringing in new customers. Royal Q has six ranks with specific requirements, including the number of direct referrals and team volume. EazyBot offers 11 ranks, each with its own set of criteria for advancement. These ranks provide incentives for users to build and grow their network and earn additional income through the compensation plan.

Fast start bonus

Both Royal Q and EazyBot offer a fast start bonus as part of their compensation plans. However, the structure of the bonus differs between the two bots. Royal Q offers a range for the bonus based on the user’s rank, with higher ranks earning higher bonuses. On the other hand, EazyBot provides a fixed bonus amount for each new referral, regardless of the user’s rank. This difference in structure allows users to choose the compensation plan that aligns best with their goals and preferences.

Check matching bonus

EazyBot offers a unique check matching bonus, which allows users to earn a percentage of the earnings generated by their referrals. This bonus provides an additional income stream for users and incentivizes them to help their referrals succeed. Royal Q does not currently have a check matching bonus as part of its compensation plan, which may be a consideration for users looking for this type of earning opportunity.

Performance fee payouts

Both Royal Q and EazyBot offer performance fee payouts as part of their compensation plans. These payouts are based on the trading profits generated by the users’ referrals. Royal Q offers a maximum performance fee payout of 60% based on the user’s rank, while EazyBot offers a maximum performance fee payout of 54% based on rank. These payouts provide an additional source of income for users and reward them for the success of their referrals.

Team requirements

Both Royal Q and EazyBot have specific team requirements that users must fulfill to qualify for certain bonuses and ranks within the compensation plan. These requirements typically include the number of direct referrals and the overall team volume. It’s important for users to understand and meet these requirements to maximize their earning potential through the compensation plan.

Revenue share pools

Both Royal Q and EazyBot have revenue share pools as part of their compensation plans. Royal Q distributes 5% of revenue to V6 distributors, while EazyBot spreads 5% across the top two ranks. These revenue share pools allow users to earn additional income based on the overall success and revenue generated by the trading bots and the network they build.

Loss of commissions

EazyBot does not have a loss of commissions feature in its compensation plan. This means that even if someone at the same rank achieves higher rankings, your commissions will not be affected. On the other hand, Royal Q has a potential loss of commissions if someone at the same rank surpasses you and achieves higher rankings. This loss of commissions feature may be a consideration for users looking for stability in their earning potential.

Founder’s pool

EazyBot offers the opportunity to qualify for the founder’s pool, which provides additional earning potential and rewards loyal users who contribute to the growth of the platform. The founder’s pool allows users to benefit from the overall success of the software and the network they build. Royal Q does not currently have a founder’s pool as part of its compensation plan.

Team bonus

EazyBot’s team bonus includes a traffic rotator that helps attract prospects and convert them into paying customers. This team bonus provides additional support and resources for users looking to grow their network and maximize their earning potential. The power of a marketing funnel is emphasized in EazyBot’s team bonus, providing users with tools and strategies to effectively promote the software and generate referrals.

Marketing and Sharing

Done-for-you sales funnels

EazyBot offers done-for-you sales funnels, which are pre-built marketing funnels designed to attract prospects and convert them into paying customers. These sales funnels provide a streamlined and automated approach to marketing and sharing the EazyBot software. By leveraging these pre-built funnels, users can save time and effort in creating their own marketing materials and focus on building their network and earning income.

PDF comparison tables

A PDF with comparison tables is available for reference and sharing, allowing users to easily compare the features, pricing, and compensation plans of Royal Q and EazyBot. This document provides a comprehensive overview and helps users make an informed decision about which trading bot best suits their needs and goals. By sharing this PDF, users can provide valuable information to potential prospects and assist them in their decision-making process.

Contact information

For further questions and opportunities within EazyBot, users have access to contact information, such as email addresses or support channels. This ensures that users can reach out for support, clarification, or any other assistance they may need. Having accessible and responsive contact information is important for users who value prompt and reliable customer support.


In conclusion, both Royal Q and EazyBot offer a range of features and benefits for users interested in auto trading crypto. They provide the convenience of pre-configured settings for beginners and the flexibility of customizable strategies for advanced users. However, EazyBot stands out with its free version, market crash correction strategy, auto-compounding feature, and comprehensive customer support. EazyBot’s pricing may be higher than Royal Q, but it offers additional benefits and features that can enhance your trading experience. The decision ultimately depends on your individual preferences, trading goals, and the level of support and customization you are looking for in a crypto trading bot.

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