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Royal Q Crypto Trading Bot Vs EazyBot – Which Is The Best Crypto Trading Bot?…

Hey there, my friends … Welcome to this in-depth comparison, video, where we’re going to do a showdown between the Royal Q, crypto trading software and EazyBot. By the end of this video you’re going to know everything you need to know to make an informed decision as to which of these crypto trading bots, you should choose to use

And for those of you that watch all the way to the end, there’s a special gift waiting for you so be sure to stick around my friend. So, let’s dive right in – And the first thing worth mentioning, which is common to both Royal Q and EazyBot, is that your funds remain 100 % in your own control, And that is very attractive, especially in the unprecedented times. We’Re in where there’s record numbers of scams coming and going taking advantage of the anonymity that comes with cryptocurrency, Your trading capital stays in the crypto exchange that you choose, and neither Royal Q nor EazyBot has any ability to get their hands on those funds.

You’Re simply connecting to your activated software license via an API key. Both Royal Q and EazyBot use the USDT stablecoin as the base currency and for crypto exchanges. Royal Q currently supports the three following crypto exchanges and EazyBot currently supports four

Because not all exchanges support a API connection When it comes to the trading strategy, Royal Q primarily uses cost averaging and EazyBot uses a combination of cost averaging scalp trading and a few other proprietary strategies which we will discuss here shortly. The next one is a big one, and that is market crash correction.

Not currently a function of Royal Q, but it is a proprietary solution with EazyBot and their trading strategy. It can actually handle up to a 70 % market crash and still come out in profit without the market having to go back to that cost average price. For those initial sequence of trades,

So here’s an example inside of the Royal Q app Here you can see 50 % drawdown or current floating loss If you’re sitting in this situation for an extended period of time, it’s an inefficient use of your risk capital.

There’S a story behind how EazyBot came up with this proprietary solution, And should you decide to move forward with EazyBot you’ll actually get to meet the mind behind this strategy? So back in December of 2020 was the origin of quite a large bull run, which brought everyone outta. The woodwork

Everyone that could spell crypto trading bot was releasing their own trading bot because everybody’s a genius in a bull market, But then, as is commonplace, there was a big market crash.

The price of Bitcoin fell over 50 % in 15 days, which is quite significant, but not that uncommon. However, if you had entered a trade at the peak of this, when everyone was in a state of euphoria and overwhelming optimism, everything that goes up must come down. So people are left holding trades, like you saw in the previous slide for an extended period of time until the market retraces to a price point where it’s able to close out those trades. However, one man figured out a way how to dive in and configure and modify the parameters to be able to dig people out of the trades they were in without the market having to return to a specific price. For me personally sitting there with my fingers, crossed speculating and hoping that the market’s going to go back up is not a reliable long-term trading strategy.

Whereas the mathematical genius behind this strategy with EazyBot, found a way to bring down the average price of those cost average trades over time, So it would use scalp trading set aside 50 % of it, give that to you as profit. Then it took the other 50 % and gradually pulled down the price of that sequence of cost average trades at a rate of 3 % per day and then close out that whole sequence of trades at a profit without the market having to retrace back up into That price zone, So at an average rate of offsetting 3 % per day, you can eliminate a 20 % market drop in just six days and you could eliminate a 50 % market drop in just 15 days, which is much better than sitting there for six months. Speculating and hoping that the market is going to go back up, So the mathematical genius behind this strategy tried to convey it and communicate it to the company, give that constructive feedback so that they could implement it and the whole customer base could benefit. But unfortunately, because of language barriers, because of no channel of communication there, it did not come to pass

And so this individual, along with others, decided to go their own way and start work on their own company and solve the deficiencies that were present.

And that’s how EazyBot came to be Now as you watch this video, you may fall into one of two categories, Perhaps you’re a complete novice with absolutely no trading experience and you feel like you’re drinking from a fire hose right now, I’m speaking a different language to You On the other side, you’re an experienced trader. You want a crypto trading software that you can interact with modify and customize and get hands on with

Well, both of you are in the right place. If you’re, a complete, beginner relax, take a deep breath. You do not have to know how the software works. This can be as hands off as passive and fully automated. As you like, The out of box settings are time tested proven you don’t have to change anything.

You just put it running and it’ll do the work for you trading for you, 24/7, even while you sleep And if you’re an experienced trader watching this EazyBot is fully customizable to your preferences And let me quickly share with you some of those additional powerful features that Are at your disposal?

As an example, let’s say you’ve done your own technical analysis. You predict that Ethereum, for example, is going to drop 5 % bounce off a support level and then do a run-up.

Well, you can configure EazyBot to wait for the market to fall, 5 % retrace 1 % and then enter your initial order. Eazybot also has a trailing take profit to maximize profit on a run-up, And you can decide how far the market has to pull back before it locks in your profits. It’S also worth mentioning that EazyBot has been thoroughly backtested and forward-tested.

It was backtested through 2021 with one minute tick; data from the Binance exchange;

It survived the markets that we just described and it did not have a losing month. It came out with an average of 5 % per month for 2021, despite the big 50 % market crash. The company also provides forward-tested trading performance for each of the coins that the crypto trading bot supports The next feature, which is another really significant one, and that is auto-compounding. It’S currently not available with Royal Q.

It is, however, a feature with EazyBot

And it’s so significant that we’re gon na hop to one side here for a second and I’m gon na help. You understand the power of compounding. If you look at that right-hand chart that blue line represents linear growth, whereas the red line represents exponential, compounded growth In simple terms: that’s when the money that your money earns earns you more money That effect over time, compounding on itself is how you create wealth.

And just to run through a hypothetical example. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results, but let’s say you’re earning a trading profit rate of 10 % per month. Return on your trading capital After one year quite significant. You can see 231 % overall profit. Your overall investment 16,500 After three years, however, that’s 182,000 starting with an initial balance of 5,000. That’S what’s possible!

Now the beautiful thing about EazyBot is that it doesn’t compound monthly, it doesn’t compound weekly or even daily, It’s actually compounding on a per trade basis. So every time a trade closes successfully, the amount of capital allocated to that particular crypto coin increases

It takes a percentage of that for the initial trade order that it enters the market with So you’re compounding from one trade to the next multiple times per day, which is extremely powerful.

Next, let’s compare the amount of crypto coins. That’S currently supported The Royal Q crypto trading bot has a range from eight to 52 and that range is dependent on which crypto exchange you’re using

So Coinbase Pro currently supports eight tokens, whereas Binance supports 52 on the high end and Huobi is in the middle with 49 EazyBot does not currently support as many coins. It has a range from 10 to 21, but they’re more carefully, handpicked and selected for stability. The volatility and overall predictability of those particular coins

And also, what’s called ADR, the average daily range that they tend to move within, so that people can get more predictable results. A lot of people think that they’re diversifying by including a whole range of different tokens, but it’s somewhat of illusion and here’s. Why

The cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy And each token is quite closely correlated and coupled to the price action of Bitcoin. So if Bitcoin sneezes, the whole crypto market gets a cold and catches a cold

As you can see here, along the right hand, side, it’s almost like a mirror image. The price action So you’re, not necessarily getting a whole lot of diversity. By introducing many many coins, especially the more unstable coins that are prone to high volatility, that have a low amount amount of liquidity.

They can make massive jumps and massive crashes. Both Royal Q and EazyBot use spot trading. So there’s no leverage, no margin.

We can’t purchase more than we actually own We’re simply trading coin for coin, We’re exchanging USDT for a real time, settlement of Ethereum, for example, or we’re purchasing, ADA or Solana, whatever the case may be, In other words, worst case scenario, you’re simply left holding cryptocurrency. So you can actually be strategic about which coins and which pairs you decide to run on the crypto trading bot, but with strategic entry at specific price points through cost averaging and the scalp trading with EazyBot, you can actually be making money along the way.

There’S no guarantees of how much you make and you may notice. I’M not really even mentioning that in this video, because past performance is not a guarantee of future results, but on average, with historical trading performance as a metric, both Royal Q and EazyBot. You can be expecting anywhere from 8-12 % per month, but it’s not a guarantee. My friend, The next thing to compare is whether or not there is social trading or copy trading available.

There is with Royal Q, however, it is not a feature with EazyBot In case you’re not aware. Social trading is where you can follow and mirror or copy the trading strategies of a certain individual that perhaps has a certain proven historical trading performance. You will basically mirror and copy his configurations.

He’Ll give some guidance on how much capital, for example, to allocate to each coin based on his or her particular strategy. Now many people will see this as a valuable feature, but for me personally, I feel it introduces an unnecessary layer of complexity trying to decide which individuals to follow Also it’s prone to manipulation, because by simply using a small trading balance, they can artificially inflate the amount Of returns that they were actually getting

Also the whole point of having a crypto trading software is to eliminate human emotional bias and the human emotional involvement in trading, so that we can go about our lives and simply robotics can execute predefined parameters without any human intervention. And you will see that these people compete with each other and they involve emotion and they involve greed to try and artificially inflate the results so that more people subscribe to their trading strategy.

And for me personally that defeats the whole point of using artificial intelligence and technology to do the trading for us, The suggested amount of dollars to use per coin. The amount of capital you should allocate is going to vary for Royal Q because of the reasons I just mentioned, Each trading strategy is going to be different of those circles that you follow, depending on the individual, whether they have a more aggressive strategy or a more Conservative strategy I’ve seen it range anywhere from $ 100 to 1,000 USDT per coin With EazyBot. It is suggested by the software developer that you allocate 600 USDT per coin.

Obviously, you can go below that If you attempt to go below that, you’ll be shown a friendly warning and you can proceed at your own risk. However, this amount is mathematically calculated to handle that 70 % market crash that we spoke about earlier with market crash correction.

So when you deviate outside of the default out-of-box settings, you’re doing so at your own risk, And I would only stray away from proven optimal settings dependent on the amount of experience that you have as a trader.

The next comparison, which is another quite significant one, is whether or not there is a free software version. There is not with Royal Q, however, there is with EazyBot. The free version does not have the full blown functionality that comes with the paid version. However, a person can get in get started for free start earning trading profits and pay for their upgrade. If they choose to do so, or they can stay free forever, if they want, The trading performance fee is 20 %, with Royal Q.

It’S 20 %, with the paid version of EazyBot as well, And it’s 30 % for the free version, So a person using the free software can use it forever and keep 70 % of their profits. For some reason, some people have an issue with paying a performance fee.

However, there is an alternative:

You can spend the next three to five years of your life. Staying up all night staring at candlestick charts to become a professional trader, and then you get to keep 100 % of your profits. But if you value time, freedom – and you want to purchase more time, then there’s a price to pay, and that is the performance fee And most people are happy to pay it. The annual software activation fee is $ 100 for Royal Q and there’s two options with EazyBot $ 250 for novice and for VIP. It’S $ 995. Obviously, there’s a discrepancy there between the price of Royal Q and EazyBot. However, a person can get started for free and always use their trading profits to upgrade. If that price point is a concern for them,

So, what’s different about the VIP version, for example: Well, it’s going to determine how many exchanges you can use at the same time how many coins you can trade and you actually get VIP concierge support, So you get live on Zoom with a technical professional that will Actually help you get set up and you have them available whenever you need them.

You also get to the front of the line on the live, weekly, Zoom calls which we’ll talk about later on, and you basically get first. Access to everything. Next up is concurrent trading strategies, which is not available for Royal Q. It is for EazyBot

It basically means that you’re allowed to run multiple simultaneous trading strategies on the one currency pair on the one exchange. So let’s say you’re trading, USDT Ethereum. Well, you can set up multiple profiles with different trading configurations. If you know what you’re doing as many as you want – and you can run them simultaneously on the same exchange on the same coin, So quite a powerful feature, if you want to venture outside of the optimal settings that come pre-configured with EazyBot

When I find something that truly works that can genuinely benefit other people, I feel it’s my ethical and moral obligation to share it with others.

And one of the deciding factors – that’s very important to me is whether or not there is support available With Royal Q. It’S almost non-existent, however, don’t get me wrong. There are some fantastic leaders in Royal Q that have taken the initiative to set up their own support systems And they’re doing a wonderful job of it with their teams With EazyBot. However, it’s part of the package There’s 24/7 customer support. There’S multiple weekly Zoom calls that you can hop on get help with onboarding get help with your settings.

Whatever you need With community support, EazyBot has its own social media platform, where you can actually make connections, follow all the posts tag, a support, question anything that you need right inside the community, So it’s a great thriving environment to help you grow and help you learn. Another big deciding factor, especially in the context of sharing a crypto trading bot with others, is transparent, ownership of who is actually behind the company.

With Royal Q, it remains anonymous, however, with EazyBot they’re, fully transparent out in the open for everyone to see.

For me, in terms of trust, in the longevity and sustainability of a company I like to have the owners out in front where they can be held accountable for their actions, Whereas with Royal Q, we don’t know who’s behind the company In terms of access to the Software developer, we don’t know who coded it with Royal Q, There’s rumors that it was a white label of another company which I won’t mention, but with EazyBot, it’s fully transparent. Again, we’ve access to this person multiple times per week on live Zooms inside of the community.

So you get to learn from the mind behind the algorithm, which is very powerful, And the next feature will be important to those of you who would plan to share the crypto trading bot with others, And that is done-for-you sales. Funnels marketing funnels that hold your prospect by the hand and take them step by step through the buying decision.

With Eazybot that is available, And that takes us nicely to the next section of this comparison, video

And that is to compare the compensation plans of Royal Q and EazyBot. Some of you arrived on this video looking for the best crypto trading software or a crypto trading bot that you can use and that’s all you want to do, and you don’t want to share it with others. That’S perfectly fine. This next section may not be of great importance to you. However, when you find something that works, it’s very hard to keep it to yourself and there’s very lucrative compensation plans. Should you decide to share Royal Q or EazyBot

Either way, if you simply just want to use the software, that’s perfectly fine go ahead and click the links in the description below this video get plugged in so that you can get started.

First of all, the structure of both Royal Q and EazyBot is a unilevel compensation plan. That means your personal referrals are all on your first level, laterally from left to right, depending on the time that they joined, There’s no spillover. Here, it’s not a binary. You can’t get spillover from above anything like that In terms of ranks, Royal Q has six ranks with specific requirements to reach those ranks. Eazybot has 11 different ranks.

A fast start bonus is present with both Royal Q and EazyBot. There is a range for this with Royal Q. Fast start bonus is paid on that $ 100 annual activation fee. So when you’re V1 rank the very first rank in Royal Q, you’re getting 30 % of that $ 100, in other words $ 30 On the high end, when you get all the way up to the top rank in the company V6 you’re going to be earning $ 70

70 % on that $ 100 activation fee With EazyBot, it’s fixed at 40 %, even if you’re a free member, even if you’re a paid member And that’s one of the nice things about EazyBot, you can come in as a free member and you get the same Commissions throughout the compensation plan, as a VIP member, They really have designed it for everybody to win And 40 % on that VIP is quite nice.

It’S a $ 400 commission. That’S going to repeat annually Check matching bonus is not currently present in the Royal Q compensation plan. It is a feature of the EazyBot comp plan and it is quite lucrative because, if you bring in somebody that builds a big team, for example, they’re earning 100,000 a month you’re going to get an 8 % check match on their earnings. All the trading profits. They’Re earning from their entire team You’re going to get an 8 % match every single month.

On the second tier, in other words, the people that they referred you’re – also getting a 3 % check match on that. So two levels into your genealogy you’re going to be earning those check matches, which is a very powerful leveraged way to be earning off. The efforts of others

And that’s one of the beautiful things about compensation plans, You’re paid in direct proportion for the amount of value and service that you are responsible for contributing to the marketplace, And you can only succeed to the extent that you help others succeed.

So you have to lift other people up with you in order to succeed, The performance fee payout is a maximum of 60 % for Royal Q, So, depending on your rank from V1, all the way up to V6 is going to determine how much of that 20 % performance fee you’re going to earn on people’s trading profits throughout your organization With EazyBot it’s a maximum of 54 %. However, in order to earn that 60 % with Royal Q, you need 1500 people on your team, whereas with EazyBot and a team of just 12 people, you unlock 15 generations deep into your organization.

And when you add up all of those levels, it’s a total of 50 % of the performance fee paid out The next comparison. I like to call compensation plan breakage, which can be described as lost commissions. Unfortunately, one of the demoralizing things with the way the Royal Q compensation plan is designed is that when a person reaches your rank, you can lose a big chunk of your commissions.

For example, a person that’s V6 rank they’re earning 60 % of the performance fee. But what happens when someone else under you achieves that V6 rank as well?

Well, you can’t both be earning 60 % because that’s 120 % on the same person, which doesn’t make any mathematical sense. Therefore, you lose a lot of the commissions once that person achieves that rank, And for me this is counterintuitive to one of the beautiful things about this industry and compensation plans that you reach down and you help other people. You lead by example, and you bring people with you.

However, this could be perceived as a deterrent to do that because, as people rise to your level, you’re going to be losing a chunk of your income and that doesn’t drive the right behavior With EazyBot. Even if you’re a free member, you earn the same commissions as a paid member and you can sponsor one person, that’s a big runner. That brings in a massive team, and you can basically retire on just sponsoring one person.

The direct referral requirements are more easy to achieve with EazyBot as well with just five personal referrals. You can go to the top of the compensation plan, whereas you need 20 with Royal Q. Both have revenue share, pools at the top ranks.

Royal Q distributes 5 % of revenue to the V6 distributors, Whereas with EazyBot you get 5 % spread across the top two ranks. In terms of total payout Royal Q pays 70 % through the compensation plan. Eazybot pays 80 %

Depending on, when you see this video, you may still be eligible to qualify for the founder’s pool, with EazyBot With Royal Q. In order to get access to a revenue share pool, you need to be the rank of V6, which means you need a team of 1,500 people with an active software license. You can qualify for this founder’s club, with a team of just 12 people and 5 % of top line revenue for the entire lifetime of EazyBot is going to go into this pool and you’ll only be sharing it with 999 other people’cause. It’S time sensitive. The first thousand people that qualify will be locked in for life. This is extremely powerful, depending on when you see this video get plugged in my friend as fast as you can.

Roll up the sleeves and take action, because this is going to be a very lucrative pool.

Remember what I said about auto-compounding and the power of compounding over time. Just imagine the revenue that can be in this trading pool when there’s hundreds of thousands of people automatically compounding their trading profits on a daily basis, Reach out to me privately, if you’d like to find out how to qualify for the founder’s club, we’ll also cut a Short video and have it inside our telegram channel that you can watch as well. For those of you that decide that EazyBot is the crypto trading solution for you and want to lock arms with a powerful team.

We have an exclusive team bonus for those of you that qualify, And that is our team traffic rotator. This is a hand up and not a handout. This is for the action takers among you that take a step towards us, We’re happy to take a step towards you.

Myself and my business partner have multiple decades of experience when it comes to digital marketing.

We’Re going to go out there into the marketplace and attract highly qualified prospects that respond to our advertising media. That’S going to go into what’s called a traffic rotator or a link rotator. So in this example imagine there’s three people in the rotator. Every third visitor that clicks on an advertisement is going to go into your marketing, funnel

Your custom-designed marketing funnel is tracked to you. It does all the follow up the selling and telling the sifting and sorting and out the bottom of the funnel comes a smaller quantity, but a more highly qualified quantity of prospects that are converted into paying happy customers. This is the power of a funnel. It does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. So when you align the right audience with the perfect marketing message and a powerful marketing funnel, you can scale your business very quickly and we’ll give more information of exactly what’s required of you in order to qualify for our traffic rotators

But it’ll be well within your reach, my friend Well my friend. I hope you received a ton of value from this comparison. Video

As you’ve made it this far with me, I’m sure you resonate with many of the reasons that I chose to go with EazyBot as opposed to Royal Q, Either way whatever decision you make. I wish you great success, but for those of you that have decided to choose EazyBot be sure to click the links in the description below this video get plugged in And inside our telegram channel, you can get access to the free bonus gift, as promised.

I have compiled a PDF with all the comparison tables that were shared in this video in this presentation, so that you can reference back to it as a quick comparison guide whenever you want to and feel free to share with others as well.

And if you’ve any questions about any of the information shared in this video in the pinned comments, I’ve left a link to my personal telegram Be sure to shoot me a message I’ll get back to you as fast as I can, And if you’re watching this video And you have a proven track record in this industry then also reach out to me. Send me a private message, because right now, as EazyBot is launching, there are many open positions available for National Directors in different countries.

If you qualify, you could potentially be earning a commission override for every single person who joins EazyBot from that country, even if they’re not on your team. So it’s a very powerful opportunity Reach out to me I’m directly connected with the owners of EazyBot. I have a direct channel of communication and I can help set up and initiate that conversation. So look forward to seeing you on the inside

Wishing you great success, take care for now..

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