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Is EazyBot Legit?

Is EazyBot Legit? Is the question on so many lips.

To begin with, Bots are known as automated computer programs that are designed to carry out special tasks without much human effort. As such, Eazybot crypto trading does the work of trading one or multiple cryptocurrencies on the platforms automatically and on behalf of the user or owner.

However, there has been infiltration in the marketplace with unfavorable strategies which has resulted in the big question, is Eazybot a legit platform? This article has compiled a wealth of information that will help to answer your question and get you trading in no time.

What is EazyBot Trading About?

On a surface level, EazyBot is a simple and easy-to-use pre-program platform with reliable trading strategies enabling users including a beginner to enter the market and trade without losing profits.

Interestingly, Eazybot is designed to help users and developers create personal software solutions, therefore they can easily automate tasks, and connect to other bots.

So whether you are tech-savvy or have no trading experience, this personal software solution helps to understand the explicit needs of the trader. Hence, the goal and strategy deployed for Eazybot are to enhance trading profits for every user.

Company Background and Founder

Mohammed Omer Ali is known to be the founder and CEO of the EazyBot crypto trading robot. It became a fully registered company in 2018 and was updated on 23rd December 2021.

Mohammed is an experienced Project Manager with a credible history in different sectors such as the elevator and escalators new installation industry, sales, and marketing Business Development, Branch management. Eazybot has some recognition in Newsbit, Cyrptogreek, Cryptotips.EU, and Coincodex.

Eazybot has a mission which is “Accelerating an Eazy transition into Crypto by providing an opportunity to everyone”.

How Does EazyBot Work?: How to Get started

As already established, the process for trading on this platform has been simplified for both beginners and experienced traders. Therefore getting started is easy. Here are the steps:

Start trading with Eazybot for free: create or sign up for a free account with the free forever package.

Open and connect Eazybot to your crypto account: you can begin to trade funds in your crypto account and keep in mind that Eazy bot has no access to your funds.

Configure your bot: you can choose to configure your bot as an advanced trader to match your needs, else you can continue with the already pre-programmed strategy.

Start trading with the click 1- strategy: immediately you have chosen the click -1 strategy you will begin trading in minutes

Know About the Eazybot Compensation plan and how it works

Firstly, the Eazybot compensation plan gives its users access to trade cryptocurrency. The Eazybot offers some tradeable coins like bitcoin, stellar, dogecoin ripple, Polkadot, Ethereum, catch chainlink, luna, etc. This compensation plan comes in different unique packages, they are:

Free package – $0

It offers a Free compensation plan, which means you can trade two coins in one exchange. You can utilize the 1 click strategy set up to trade and earn profit.

Interestingly you can get a group support call, guide, and training while you trade on the platform. So you are not left alone.

What’s more, you can earn as an affiliate with access to the professional marketing app. Keep in mind that easy bot gets a 30% software service on every trade.

Advanced Package – $250

The Novice compensation plan allows you to trade up to ten coins on up to two exchanges. You are also given access to the 1 click strategy with a proper guide, group support calls, and tutorials to enable you to trade confidently.

You will also earn as an affiliate with access to the professional marketing app. Eazybot takes a 20% software service fee for any trade carried out.

Vip Package – $995

The Pro VIP compensation plan costs $995 annually, therefore you can trade any approved coins on up to five exchanges. This package is perfect for advanced traders.

You also get to earn more as an affiliate and access the 1 click strategy set. When you subscribe to the Vip package you get the privilege of a one-on-one private support call, training, and tutorials.

You are also given access to the marketing professional app and Eazybot takes a 20% software service fee for all trades.

EasyBot Affiliate Ranks

Eazybot has twelve ranks within the EazyBot’s compensation plan with distinct qualification specifications, they are:

  • Affiliate:Sign up as an affiliate member in Eazybot.
  • Affiliate coach: move on to becoming an affiliate Coach: therefore you have to recruit three affiliates who invest at least $600 with the bot.
  • M1 Coach– to move on to an M1 coach, you have to recruit and maintain one Affiliate Coach under you.
  • M2 Coach– you have to recruit and maintain at least two affiliate coaches under you.
  • Super Affiliate –as a super affiliate you will need to recruit and maintain three affiliate coaches under you.
  • M1 Super Affiliate – you will need to recruit and maintain one Super Affiliate under you.
  • M2 Super Affiliate – you will need to recruit and maintain two Super Affiliates under you.
  • M3 Super Affiliate – you will need to recruit and maintain three Super Affiliates under you
  • M3 Super Affiliate– you will need to recruit and maintain four Super Affiliates under you.
  • M5 Super Affiliate- you will need to recruit and maintain five Super Affiliates under you.
  • Champion Affiliate – to qualify as a champion affiliate, you will need to have an M5 Super Affiliate in five separate downlines. Thus, you have to earn and maintain $500,000 in total downline in bot investment volume.
  • Crown Affiliate – you have to recruit a Champion Affiliate in five separate downlines either personally or not. Generate and maintain $1,000,000 in total downline bot investment volume.

ROI Fee Commission

Referral Commissions are paid to its users as a subscription fee for novice and pro VIP affiliates. These subscription fees are paid in tether (USDT).

In addition, this Eazybot crypto trading bot charges ongoing ROI fees which are:

  • The free rank affiliates pay 30%
  • The Pro VIP and Novice rank affiliates pay 20%

Note: the more an Eazybot affiliate pays every stage is unlocked and the higher the income capacity and profitability of the user.

Why You Should Trade With EazyBot

  • Here are some legit reasons why you should trade with Eazybot:
  • You can become a passive earner with consistent profitable returns.
  • This Built-in proven strategy is tested by crypto trading experts to guarantee trade profitability.
  • EazyBot is always learning and evolving while you consistently trade. It understands what you want as it constantly trades for you with evident results.
  • EazyBot not only does the trading for you, but it also helps to search the market for new opportunities to trade. So you can save your time looking for entry points or signals.
  • You can configure bots to suit your needs.


  • It has an automatic compounding feature that allows you to scale up your crypto earnings with the speed of light.
  • The bot launches only on a profitable trade, you will never have to worry about losing a trade.
  • Even when the market drops below 50% it never goes below your profits.
  • Eazybot does not have direct access to your crypto funds.
  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced traders.
  • You can sign up with a free account and still earn.


  • Some coins are not tradeable on the Eazybot platform.
  • The bot works only as it is configured.
  • Programming errors can lead to loss.
  • Cloud service isn’t included in the standard pricing

EasyBot Review and Conclusion

In conclusion, it is safe to say that joining and trading on the Eazybot platform is safe for both beginners and advanced traders. You can configure bots to automate trading strategies and apply them to amplify trading profits.

The easy and quick setup of this trading platform without the need for an expert tells a lot about the simplicity of trading on the platform. However, you can always reach out to the support call line in case of any difficulty.

With Eazybot you can be sure to utilize the modern crypto trading bots to do more than trade crypto but also help you understand artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other smart technologies.

Then you can analyze this information using predefined trading strategies to develop useful and actionable metrics or findings called trading signals.

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