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How To Withdraw Funds From Eazybot

Are you new to the interface of Eazybot and looking for a way to withdraw funds out of your EazyBot Reserve Wallet? The process is straightforward. There are certain criteria to meet before you will be able to withdraw funds from the bot platform but the process thereafter is seamless.

To withdraw funds from your eazybot reserve wallet, navigate to Dashboard/Home > My Wallet > Withdraw > Enter the amount you wish to withdraw in “Withdrawal Amount Requested” > Add USDT TRC20 Deposit Address > Click Withdraw > Check email and Add the OTP Code > Click Submit > wait a while to receive the funds.

The aforementioned is a straight-jacket navigational prompt on how you can collect funds from your Eazybot account. Someone new to the interface may still find the process bumpy. 

And so, in the rest of this post, we will narrow into the details for each step and what you should take note of as you withdraw funds from Eazybot. In addition, we will touch on other related factors like your withdrawal limit as a user, Eazybot processing fee, Minimum and maximum withdrawal, and duration of payment.

Step-by-Step guide on how to withdraw from Eazybot

If you’d like to make a withdrawal, maybe you’ve been earning some commissions and you’d like to withdraw that out of your Eazybot wallet, you’re going to follow these detailed steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the wallet page

To land on the wallet page of your Eazybot dashboard, go to the menu and click on “my wallet.” Once you’re on the wallet page, you want to click on withdraw.

Eazybot withdrawal

Eazybot withdrawal

Step 2: Enter the amount to be withdrawn and the UDT TRC20 address

Eazybot withdrawal

Next, you’re going to enter the amount that you would like to withdraw. Make sure you have at least that much in your current wallet balance.

Afterwards, you’re going to enter your UDT TRC20 address. Note that it is USDT TRC20 only. You’re going to enter that address in the position as shown on my screen below:

Eazybot withdrawal

 It will start with a ‘T’ so just make sure that if you’re entering the address or you’re getting the address, it’s going to start with a ‘T’ if it’s the correct network. For the purpose of this guide, I intentionally put in some fake letters and numbers. 

Step 3: Process OTP and Withdraw

Eazybot withdrawal

After that, input the OTP sent to your email and then submit it. Once this is done, you can click ‘withdraw now and expect the funds to reflect within 24 hours.

What you should know while withdrawing funds from Eazybot

Before you hit the withdraw button, you should be aware of a couple of other things.

1. First thing you need to know is that there is a $2 processing fee per withdrawal. So in this case, if we wanted to withdraw $20, we would receive $18.00 in our USDT TRC20 address and when we hit withdraw.

Eazybot withdrawal

In other words, if you are particular about withdrawing a specific amount, consider including the processing fee so that when it is removed, the funds being withdrawn won’t be shortened.

2. Eazybot will notify you that there is a minimum of 25 USDT and a maximum of $999 per withdrawal request. So before you attempt to withdraw make sure you have at least $25 in your wallet. Meanwhile, you can make multiple requests, but each request has a maximum of $999. 

3. After hitting the withdraw button, you are going to get a pop-up. Please enter the OTP (One time password) which must have been sent on your registered e-mail to confirm the withdrawal request. 

In other words, you must have access to the e-mail that your Eazybot account is registered to since that is the only place where the one-time password to facilitate withdrawal will be sent. The OTP is a 6-digit code. After inputting the code, you can hit submit.

4. Once your withdrawal has been processed and approved, it will change to a green cheque mark. After the transaction, and you refresh our page, You’ll see, as displayed in the image below, that the status has been confirmed and now we have a green cheque mark:

Eazybot withdrawal

5. Lastly, Withdrawals are open anytime before 9:00 PM, and that withdrawal will be processed within the next 24 hours. So give it a little bit of time. Anything that gets entered or submitted before 9:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time) will process within the next 24 hours.

When can I withdraw my money from EazyBot?

There is no restriction because your funds can be withdrawn at any time from your Binance account. However, the minimum, as mentioned earlier, is 25 USDT. Although you can submit multiple withdrawals if you have more than 999 USDT that you would like to withdraw on the same day.

EazyBot withdrawal requests will be deposited between 24-72 hours but it is essential that you are using the USDT TRC20 Network and take note of the service charge which is 2 USDT.

Does Easybot have control over my funds? 

It’s very important that you clearly understand where funds are going and what funds are staying in your crypto exchange. 

Whether it’s Binance, Coinbase pro or one of the other exchanges that get rolled out, your trading funds stay in your exchange. You are not sending the money that you plan to trade with Eazybot. That’s one of the beautiful things about automated trading software.

Your funds remain 100% in your control. It distinguishes Eazybot from other bots that are promise-to-pay programmes where you deposit a bunch of money into an anonymous website and they drip feed it back to you over an extended period. 

What you are sending to your Eazybot crypto wallet is the funds necessary to cover either your advanced software licence at $250 or your VIP for $995 per year.

Along with that, you want to send roughly 5% of the trading capital you tend to use. For instance, suppose you have $10,000 you plan to trade with Binance or Coinbase pro, you’re gonna send $500 along with your software licence, and that’s going to last roughly 6 to 8 weeks to cover the service fees. 

In other words, Eazybot cannot get any funds out of your crypto exchange, so 100% of your trading profits are going back into your crypto exchange. Therefore, you only keep your Eazybot wallet topped up to cover that service fee that’s been charged every time a successful trade closes. And if you plan to share Eazybot with others, your commissions come into the same wallet so you’ll never really have to worry about paying the service fees anyway.

What is the Withdrawal Processing fee for Eazybot?

EazyBot Withdrawal Processing Fee is 2 USDT TRC20. You can only withdraw to a USDT TRC20 wallet. Remember, the least amount you can withdraw is 25 USDT but you have the liberty to process withdrawals as high as up to 999 USDT. As explained earlier, you can submit multiple requests consecutively.

What happens when my Eazybot account is running low on funds? 

Your eazybot reserve wallet is expected to run low on funds as fees for processing withdrawals are taken from the reserve account. When the account is ‘red’, EazyBot will send you alerts. 

This will inform you of the need to replenish the account to continue earning with EazyBot. Aside from the situation when your account is running low on funds, eazybot also alerts you when your annual subscription is about to get expired.


By now, you should find it less confusing to successfully withdraw commissions or other funds from your EazyBot reserve wallet. As you process this transaction, keep in mind other intricacies like the processing fee and withdrawal limits.

As quoted on its website, Eazybot is intelligently programmed to allow anyone to confidently and profitably trade crypto as the market goes up or down. The interesting part is that one with zero technical experience can deploy EazyBot and let it do the trading.

You can grow the funds in your Eazybot reserve wallet through commissions earned from referral bonuses courtesy of the Eazybot Multi-marketing compensation plan. Know more about how to earn by referring others to the bot in my recent article HERE.

Thanks for reading.

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