How To Get Started With EazyBot

How To Get Started With EazyBot

While the AI technology claims to make automated crypto trading simple and accessible to anyone, some people still find it hard to get started, especially those with doubt or no prior experience. Find out all you need to know about the EazyBot crypto trading app, and how to get started.

Have you been looking for an easy solution to getting into cryptocurrency investing? There is a high tendency that one becomes overwhelmed by the amount of information ou there. Eazybot is a cryptocurrency trading bot that promises to make it easy, especially in reviewing possible investments and strategies, allowing you more time to focus on work and family.

In this article, we will beam the focus light on how you can get started with the Eazybot trading app as a beginner and start earning with it. At the end of this post, you will no longer need any tutor to hold your hand and walk you through the process.

There are many robots for crypto trading out there – countless. But, Eazybot is especially for anyone who wants to try cryptocurrency trading to earn income online, and also extend his income streams into the booming multi-level marketing business.

While AI technology claims to make automated trading simple and accessible to anyone, some people still find it hard to get started, especially those with doubt or no prior experience.

You are not alone; this post is for you.

To begin with, let’s get to know what Eazybot is all about, and whether it is worth your investment in the first place.

About the Eazybot trading app

about Eazybot trading app

Eazybot is a computer-based program that uses cryptocurrency trading signals. If you are familiar with trading bots, then the services of Eazybot will not sound strange to you. There are many other competing solutions out there, but this one stands out it has been specifically created to make cryptocurrency trading easy thereby not just being perfect for advanced traders, but also ideal for new traders.

Of course, the software is designed to analyze the market trend on your behalf, then gather the market data, and interpret and calculate the potential risk.

Once you can register and bind the app with your crypto account, you can fashion it to execute buying and selling without intervening in the process. As an advantage, there will be no sentiment in the process to encourage optimal profit making.

In essence, spending countless hours tinkering with parameters, settings, and strategies, which is now a full-time job for many avid traders can be eased with the use of EazyBot. Particularly, the software leverages modern technology and the 1- Click trading strategy setup that allows you to be up and running, closing profitable trades without wasting too many results.

Interestingly, there are other streams through which users of EazyBot can earn money – the referral program – but the above-explained aspect of the digital solution is what makes it popular.

Steps to getting started with the EazyBot trading bot app

Eazybot trading app or software works by taking real-time monitoring and tracking of the big data algorithms and adjusting to real-time market conditions. To leverage this technology, you will need to first go through the steps to get started. This process, as we will see in full detail shortly, includes:

  • Creating an account
  • Set up and Tap into the Free Forever package
  • Open and connect your crypto account
  • Trade with one-click
  • Tapping into and growing into levels on the MLM program

How to get started with EazyBot robot: Steps to sign up

On how to get started, the steps seem to be less complicated than other bots that we’ve tested in time past. Here, you just need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit EazyBot’s official website 

There are many replica websites of the official EazyBot platform out there. These replicas are often created by affiliates of the software which can be a bonus for you if you register through them. But once you can get on the EazyBot website, navigate to the “pricings” section of the page to get started and create an account. If you already have an account then tap on the “Login.”

UPDATEIn my last post, I mentioned that the Eazybot app isn’t available on the Google play store yet. Now, you can download the app from the PlayStore, so your registration and use of the software do not necessarily have to be always done via your browser using any internet-accessible device.

Step 2: Choose from the subscription pricing

EazyBot pricing

You will need to jump on a pricing plan before you can register. But, fortunately, there is a free forever plan for starters. More information about the pricing will come to light as we proceed.

Again, if it is your first time, I recommend you start with the “Free Forever package”

Step 3: Open an account

After picking the pricing option, Click on ‘get started’ This will take you to another page where you will be able to open your account by supplying vital information which includes: Name, email address, Phone number, and so on.

Step 4: Connect the bot to your crypto account

After a successful sign-up, you will have access to your dashboard as you can see in the below image:

Eazybot Dashboard

From here, you can add your preferred crypto account that you want to leverage the automated trading for. This is what many people refer to as binding with your crypto account.

If you have used trading bots in the past, the process for doing this is no different as it can be done with a couple of clicks by following the prompts. That’s one benefit of Eazybot – the software had non-techie people in mind when designing the interface.

Step 5: Start trading with 1-Click Strategy settings

Eazybot trading

Now that you have linked your crypto account with Eazybot, you will need to activate the bot and start trading funds in your crypto account.

By now, you can take advantage of the software’s unique selling point which is the 1-Click Strategy that allows you to trade in minutes without constant inspection.

The tool also offers the option to set your strategies. However, I’d advise that you should model the strategies of experts as provided on the app. This historical data is helpful for those who know little or do not even jack about setting strategies for crypto bots.

Meanwhile, you can rest assured that the bot never has access to your funds. So there is no red flag here.

How much is EazyBot Trading bot for getting started?

EazyBot pricing

The pricing system of EazyBot membership is divided into three categories:

  • Free
  • Novice
  • Pro-VIP

Free plan membership

As the name implies, this membership price comes with no charge. However, under this plan, you can trade only two coins on one exchange, say Binance but you still have access to the 1-Click Strategy Set Up.

This plan also offers Group Support Calls & Training Guides, as well as Tutorials Professional Marketing App to earn An Affiliate.

Novice membership plan

On this plan, you get access to everything contained in the free plan, but as a step up, you will be able to trade up to ten coins on up to two exchanges. The novice membership plan cost $250 that is renewed each year.

Pro VIP membership plan

This plan is renewed annually for $995, for a good reason. Here, you will be able to trade any approved coins on up to five exchanges. It grants you free access to Tutorials & Training, the 1-Click Strategy Set Up, the Professional Marketing App, and even Private 1-1 Support Calls. In addition to everything being a free and a novice plan, you get to access the opportunity to Earn As An Affiliate.

As you migrate from the free membership plan to higher ones, you have higher income potential on the Eazybot affiliate membership. Meanwhile, you can only pay for these Eazybot plans using tether (USDT).

What coins can be traded on EazyBot?

Coins that can be traded on the EazyBot AI software include:

  • Tron
  • Ripple
  • Cardano
  • Polkadot
  • Dogecoin
  • Litecoin

Others include Uniswap, luna, bitcoin catch, Ethereum, chainlink, polygon, stellar, and Monero.

Why should I use EazyBot? 

Reasons why you’d want to consider using Eazybot span beyond the advantages of trading with the software. There are many Smart trading AI out there, but using apps like these has to do with trust and transparency too because it is an investment.

Eazybot has been designed to intelligently trade on your behalf 24/7 depending on your selected parameter settings. Beyond that, to guarantee your trust, it features a Built-in proven strategy that is tested by crypto trading experts to guarantee trade profitability.

The real catch here is that you no longer need to spend hours looking for entry points or signals when trading. As your trade starts earning profits, the bot closes the trade to retain profits and immediately opens a new trade when a viable opportunity comes.

Aside from eliminating all forms of risk such as income loss, the tool also allows you to build an empire of your own by not limiting your income potential through the referral program.

Is Eazybot trading bots profitable? 

The profitability of Eazybot depends on your expertise to configure. Fortunately, Eazybot has made it easy by providing historical data of expert strategies that have proven to work. It also has a simple interface and Click-1 strategy to keep you on the right track to prevent loss.

The profitability of Eazybot is not limited to the automated trading feature only. The potential of making a fortune with this software also heavily lies in how vast you become on the affiliate system.

Even for the latter, you can make a lot of profit for as long as you can configure them properly. The best crypto trading bots will make a profit and it is essential to set to test them or have some sort of guarantee first before buying.

Meanwhile, you may make losses with Eazybot if you do not learn it’s working and expect an overnight financial miracle.

Is Eazybot trading bots legal? 

The use of bots in trading cryptocurrencies is fully legal. Eazybot is one of the trendings and thriving automated trading software and so it is not illegal to use such. However, a stronger sentiment is drawn to the origin and ideals of the company behind Eazybot.

In a recent post, we discussed the facts behind the foundation of Eazybot. Before investing in any crypto tool, it is common knowledge to observe due diligence. There are, in fact, some crypto trading brokers that do not allow the use of bots.

How does Eazybot make money in crypto trading?

When you deploy Eazybot to take care of your trading needs, the software, being fully activated, deduces trading insights and signals from marketing big data termed Adhoc and unclassified/random/disorganized information from multiple sources.

The software then uses pre-defined and coded trading strategies based on knowledge of historical market patterns to deploy useful and actionable trading signals.

By the virtue of automated trading, this information is analyzed within seconds and can react almost immediately to price changes in a volatile market. Unlike similar bots like Royal Q, EazyBot does not use API. It is rather integrated with crypto trading exchanges to place sell and buy orders on these platforms.

How much can a beginner day trader in crypto make? 

Crypto trading is a very unpredictable investment. However, estimation has it that one can make as high as $163,000 each year if a decent stock (coin) day trading strategy and 4.1 leverage are used.

Some beginner day traders make $45 in hourly wage on average. To maximize your profit in trading as a beginner, you need to take advantage of the offerings from trading bots like Eazybot.


As many people are skeptical about letting a bot control their crypto investments as many do not know how to get started with the proper use of these bots to make a profit.

The amazing thing about EazyBot is that there is the tiniest element of risk. And even at that, you only risk what you want to.

The trading bot is safe to use because it only trades with the funds in your Binance account. It won’t withdraw funds but only execute a trade. that’s a lovable feature for a starter.

In the above article, we have covered what Eazybot is about, and how you can get started as a beginner, plus the realistic profitability of using the automated trading software.

I hope you found this helpful.

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