How To Deposit Funds into Eazybot – Mistakes To Avoid

There are many reasons why you’d want to deposit funds into your Eazybot account. It could be to make funds available in your balance for the subscription of the paid plan for the crypto trading robot such as the Advanced or VIP version or to provide funds to facilitate the automated trading of your coin on an exchange.

Whatever the reason may be, I have developed this guide to expressly explain the details of depositing funds successfully into any Eazybot account. We will also narrow the focus to really important things you should take note of as you deposit or withdraw from Eazybot to prevent avoidable mistakes that many new users make during this transaction process.

A brief navigation tip to deposit funds into Eazybot is to first open the dashboard of your Eazybot account > Click on Menu > Wallet > Deposit > Type in the amount you wish to deposit > Scan QR Code (for mobile) or copy and paste the address where it will be received > Wait a short while for reflection.

Someone new to the interface is likely to still encounter a confusing juncture even despite the aforementioned brisk navigation guide. Hence, the rest of this post is dedicated to explaining in full detail each step involved in the depositing of funds into Eazybot. 

Other factors like trading network, transaction fees (charged by exchange accounts), and time expectation for funds to reflect will also be explained.

Deposit funds into your Eazybot account in these 4 steps:

Step 1: Navigate to ‘My Wallet’ on Eazybot dashboard

So let’s jump into Eazybot and what you’re looking at in the image below is a dashboard of an account. So we’re going to click on the menu and then navigate to “My wallet” which brings down the ‘Deposit’ button and so you click it:

Eazybot user dashboard

Eazybot user dashboard

(Meanwhile, there is no update to the Founders Club section of the dashboard but that is not the centre of discussion in this article. We want to focus right now on just doing deposits.)

Step 2: Type deposit amount

Once you are on the land page for the deposit interface, everything becomes easier. The first thing you want to attend to is to type in the number of funds you want to deposit into your Eazybot wallet.

PS: You can switch between day and night for your screen on the Eazybot platform by clicking on the icon at the top right corner of the screen: (it is cool to keep it in night mode)

IEazybot deposit

As you do this, there are a couple of things you want to really pay attention to and understand about this process and about how crypto works.

For example, suppose the funds you are depositing into your Eazybot wallet are to upgrade to the VIP package which is $995, and you want to fund the wallet with $1000.

Eazybot deposit

If you look closely at the image above, the interface is telling you exactly what you need to transfer to Eazybot, given this figure in question. Some fees are part of the processing of your payment so that the payment is received by Eazybot which is $1007 (there’s $7.01 in fees that need to be covered)

Step 3: Choose the payment network

The amount to be transferred again is going to be displayed to you here as seen in the image below and it is a US DTT RC20.

Eazybot deposit

In other words, the only payment network that is active and available for Eazybot to receive deposits currently is USDT TRC 20. Consider this a very important detail especially if you’re new to crypto or if you’re unfamiliar with sending crypto. You can send USDT on several different networks. 

Hence, when you’re sending USDT, make sure that you are sending it TRC 20. If you send it another way, it will not arrive and you may be out of that money with no recourse. This is among the most important thing, make sure you’re sending it by the proper network.

Step 4: Capture the address the funds are sent to

The next step presents you with two alternatives. To capture the address that you’re sending it to, if you’re on your mobile device, you can scan this QR code. 

Now, the way that you’re sending your crypto is going to vary. When using the mobile version of Eazybot, you can scan the QR code just like every crypto exchange or method of sending will allow you to scan a QR code. 

Alternatively, you can copy the QR code by using the copy button right here:

Eazybot deposit

I’m assuming you can copy the address so you can highlight it, but I suggest that you simply copy it. It’ll put it on your clipboard, and then if you’re on your desktop, or if you’re on your phone, just you’re going to paste it in the sending address.

Once you’ve copied it, go to your exchange platform, and you’ve executed the transaction by inserting the address you have copied as the recipient of the funds. 

Are there additional fees for depositing into the Eazybot wallet?

It is more than likely that you’re going to be faced with an additional fee. This is crypto and it is just the way it works, hence, you should be ready for that.

Binance account, given its TRC 20, has a standard $1.00 fee per transaction. So if you’re sending $1007.01 from your Binance account as an example, Binance will impose a $1.00 fee. So you need to make sure that you account for that $1.00 fee and add that to the total that you’re sending out so that what’s received remains the expected amount of funds.

What if I’m depositing from other platforms?

Now you may be sending from other platforms. An example that is often experienced is that somebody sent a payment – they intended on sending $1000 – but they sent it through a method where they used a credit card and that platform that they were using charged them $40 for the purchase of the crypto and sending the crypto. So, instead of receiving the $1000 into the person’s Eazybot account, what was received was closer to $950 and some few cents.

Hence, pay special attention to whatever platform you’re using to send your crypto and any fees that they may impose. Make sure that you are covering those fees so that what’s received is the amount expected.

It may sound as though this is an exaggerated emphasis, but this is equally the part of this process that most people are going to stumble over, and I don’t want that to be you or the people that you’re in communication with people that you’re supporting. 

How soon does deposit reflect on my Eazybot balance?

Once the deposit process is finalised, you’ll see a green cheque and that payment will now reflect in your total balance. Sometimes, the pending amount will take a very short while before reflecting on the total balance.

Must I add a transaction fee in deposits?

For some reason, suppose you didn’t send the entire $1007.01, for instance, and let’s say you totally missed it and you just sent $1000, there is that transaction fee that the $7.01 represents that’s still imposed on the total amount that’s received. 

So for example, you only sent $1000. What Eazybot will receive is something like $900 or $93.00 and some change. That amount is what will then show up as a completed transaction and be credited to your account.

This is the reason why it’s important to pay attention to this because, for example, a lot of traders are interested in upgrading to the $995 VIP package, and if you did what I just said, which is instead of sending the $1007 and you only sent to $1000, you’re going to end up with less than you intended to purchase the VIP package.

Does the exchange rate affect my deposit transaction in Eazybot?

Yes, in a way, the exchange rate of crypto is an important thing you want to consider. For example, Canadian people usually talk about U.S. dollars. So make sure that you know your exchange rate so you’re also not falling short. 

The other thing I discovered was a note that some people who are currently trying to do deposits are sending deposits on E RC20. Make sure you’re paying attention to the way you’re sending your funds. 

It should be noted that this isn’t an Eazybot issue. This is a crypto thing. This is when we say that crypto is hard, these are the places where crypto is hard. 

It’s all the details that you have to pay attention to, and all the ways you can lose money if you don’t pay attention to these details, we’re going to do all that we can to make the processes here easy for you, but some of it is just out of our control and so you’ve got to take the responsibility of.


Becoming educated, aware, empowering yourself to be able to function in this world of crypto and understanding how to move your money and do it safely is the very, very basic understanding that you have to hone as an Eazybot user. 

I hope this article has been able to put you through the process involved in depositing from Easybot. Meanwhile, the process involved in the withdrawal of funds from Eazybot is a little different and less attention-demanding. 

If you’ve got any questions on the deposit process or one that pertains to what we just reviewed, feel free to share in the comments and I’d try my best to respond.

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