How to Calculate Profit Made From EasyBot Automated Trading - A Case Study 

How to Calculate Profit Made From EasyBot Automated Trading – A Case Study 

You hear people say they make profits from crypto effortlessly by using Easybot, but how do you evaluate the profit made from the automated tool to know that you are gaining profit from the market signals? 

Generally speaking, the Eazybot crypto software has market crash correction – an Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy that can handle a 70% drop in the crypto market and it will still make a profit without the market having to return to the price of the initial order.

When you want to calculate the percentage of profit in Easybot, it’s basically by dividing the profit that you’ve made in dollars by your capital thousand dollars multiplied by a hundred – that gives you the percentage of profit. 

The eazybot crypto trading bot also has an auto-compounding feature to enhance its crypto trading automation and take advantage of the power of compound interest to grow your trading capital, which takes its crypto auto trading functionality to the next level.

But how do you practically calculate the percentage of profit generated by this bot on the back office (user interface) of the software, especially as a greenhorn to the use of the bot?

Now, I’ve been using this crypto trading bot for a long time and I have developed this post to show you that, even as a free member, you can get started here and see good results. (You will be limited to trading only two coins at most. If you would like to catch more trading opportunities using different tokens, then you have to upgrade to either Advance or VIP.)

However, seeing is indeed believing. And using my account won’t appear convincing enough for a newbie, especially given the fact that I have been playing the game for a long. So that it doesn’t look like a veteran advantage, we are going to use the case study of a new Easybot user account and how she was able to measure and scale her trading profit using the AI tool.

Case Study: Tracking profit generation with EasyBot Automated trading 

I am going to share with you some real live results from my and a friend’s, Susan Bachelda’s, easy bot trading account who is a new user. 

To begin with, there were two particular bots that I have been running since the beginning and. They’ve just closed out. From the picture below, you can see this is a screen capture from the back office reporting on the box.

Back office of EasyBot account

Observe the session number and then with a starting balance of $600 and the initial buy, as seen above, was on April 5th. It was bought at a price of 11.66 and closed on July 28th. 

That final closing trade closed with a $50.51 profit with a total profit on this session of $125.40.

Profit generated by EasyBot one-click strategy automated crypto trading

A look at the marked-up on the chart, the entry was on April 5th and the exit was on July 28th. The entry price is 11.66. The exit closing session price was 9.3. For that final trade was 8.4% profit closing with a total profit of 20.9% total profit.

The full market drop that this session listed, was 71.16%. And during that drop before the closeout, 12.48% profit was grabbed from the market. Pretty impressive. 

The second coin profit

Profit generated by EasyBot one-click strategy automated crypto trading

Take a look at the second coin, the ETC/USDT coin. It started with a balance of $1000. The initial buy was on April 7th and you can see the price of the initial buy was 44.19.

It closed out on July 28th at the price of 4.78. That final trade was $120.19 profit, with a total of 237 2451.

Profit generated by EasyBot one-click strategy automated crypto trading

Observing the markup on the chart for this as seen above, you can see the entry over there. And you can see the exit here on July 28, the entry price, $44.19, the exit price. 

And it stood a total market drop of 71.23%, during which 11.7% profit was collected with that final trade grabbing 12% profit from the market. And the whole session closed out with a 23.7% total profit. 

So these are just two of many examples of proof of concept of what the Easybot one-click strategy can withstand in the market. It can grab consistent profits even during a crypto bearish condition. 

Is EasyBot sustainable for consistent profit generation? 

One of the ultimate examples of what is unique about EasyBot is the one-click strategy. 

It can withstand crypto winters making profits along the way of significant market drops, unlike contract trading, where the trades are bets on price direction and you take a loss if it goes in the opposite direction. 

The spot trading that easy bots one-click strategy uses is a hybrid strategy, combining dollar cost averaging and grid trading, creating access for the masses to take part in a complex mathematical strategy that is all default and done for you in an emerging crypto market. 

What makes the one-click strategy sustainable is each trade closed in profit uses a percent of that profit to wards the average price, which moves it closer to the market price. If you have any questions about how the bot works, there’s a video that Muhammad recorded that takes you through a deep dive into how the bot works here.

What I’ve seen with this Eazybot crypto trading bot is the effectiveness of the bot, even during this bear market that we are going through right now. It’s still making a profit. But the area of concern doesn’t stop there.

Mohamed Ali of EasyBot founder

EasyBots’s CEO comments on profit evaluation 

This question was directly asked to the founder of EasyBot, Ali Mohammed, during a live video conference and he made some points that clarify doubts. 

As mentioned earlier, he commented that when you want to calculate the percentage of profit in Easybot, it’s dividing the profit that you’ve made in dollars by your capital thousand dollars multiplied by a hundred – that gives you the percentage of profit. 

But one thing that Easybot cannot control is the capital. Imagine someone comes now today, let’s say the 1st of August, and puts in $1000 in a coin and then runs with it for a month. And then after one month, they increase another thousand, and then the bot started also creating more profits.

So, now the profit will be divided by the first $1000 or the second $1000 or the $2000. So, whatever percentage will be shown to you is going to be misleading in this case. So that’s why Easybot doesn’t prefer to show a percentage of profit in percentage. This is the only reason. 

Although, the bot doesn’t want also to limit the people in such a way that they put this amount and then they can’t add more. The developers have constantly said that they want it to be open to people whenever they want to add more funds, they can add more funds whenever they want to reduce the amount, and they can also reduce. 

In other words, the main reason why the profit is not shown in percentage is due to miscalculations or misleading numbers. However, what EasyBot is trying to do now, perhaps in the nearest feature, is to show it in the back office in the dashboard. This will allow for the total amount of profit that you made today to be shown. 

For example, yesterday, if you made a particular profit in dollar value by the new USDT value on all of your coins, and then this last 30, you made this much off USDT, then you can divide that by the total amount that you know you’ve invested. Otherwise, it’s going to be misleading.

Is Easybot still profitable in 2022?

Easybot trading bot is profitable as long as you know how to configure them properly. Thankfully, the AI crypto tool has preset strategies so that beginners with little or no experience can share equal leverage with veterans. Easybot is identified as one of the best crypto trading bots out there for some notable reasons.

One, it is profitable as we’ve demystified in this post and then offered in the free plan for starters who want to give it a try before upgrading to paid plans. Learn more about Automated cryptocurrency earning using tools like Easy Bot


Easybot is an auto-compounding crypto bot that integrates with Binance and Kucoin. The results are apparent and they speak for themselves, even absolute beginners can get these bots working in no time.

If you haven’t yet gotten started in EasyBot with the one-click strategy for yourself – where you can keep your money in your control – get back to the person that invited you or click HERE to sign up for free because now is a really good time to get started. 

All information presented here is for informational purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for financial investment advice. 

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