EazyBot vs Royal Q

EazyBot vs. Royal Q, which is the Best Crypto Robot in 2022?

In todays post, I will be doing justice to EazyBot vs. Royal Q, which is the Best Crypto Robot in 2022?

EazyBot and Royal Q are no doubt the two largest cryptocurrency trading robots available today. They both offer quantitative trading.

Artificial Intelligence crypto trading bots are simplified trading software that is unique and perfect for trading cryptocurrencies. Invariably, every trading bot possesses distinguishing factors that allow you to implement your unique trading strategy.

Whether you are a new babe or an expert in trading cryptocurrencies, AI crypto trading platforms allow automated crypto trading with already optimized configured settings for starters. While an advanced trader, you can set up numerous crypto trading configurations on multiple crypto coins.

Seeking to know the best exchange platform to trade in 2022? This article compiles a comprehensive analysis of the Eazybot and Royal Q crypto trading robots.

Comprehensive Analysis Between the Eazybot and Royal Q, Trading Robot

#1. Base Currency/USDT

The Eazybot and the Royal Q bot share the same base currency, USDT. Interestingly this base currency allows the exchange of multiple cryptocurrencies. Another significance is the ability for traders to use a Binance trading bot, Huobi trading bot, and Coinbase trading bot.

While they may share the same USDT features, the Eazybot has a higher advantage because it can also be used as a Kraken trading bot trading which has more secured advanced crypto exchanges.

#2. Difference in Bot Trading Version

While the Eazybot and Royal Q run an automated crypto robot, it is essential to note the sterling differences in both versions. The Eazybot has a free crypto trading bot version that is available for beginners or those that have no funds to begin trading.

This free bot version is known to be the best free trading bot, and it offers a similar compensation plan to the VIP version trading strategy. However, the Royal Q does not have a free trading bot version.

#3. Trading Strategies

The Eazybot robot and Royal Q robot apply the same crypto spot trading strategy. Some of these strategies are crypto grid trading and cost averaging; however, the Eazybot crypto trading bot has a scalping strategy that optimizes functionality and profit.

#4. Market Crash Correction

Another strong feature of the Eazybot crypto trading robot is its software that helps in market crash correction. This bot trading strategy can effectively rectify a 70% drop in the crypto market. Interestingly, you can still make profits even when the market is not at its best.

In addition, the eazybot crypto trading has an auto-compounding feature that helps to reinforce crypto trading automation; it leverages on compound interest to help grow your trading capital. This means you are always on the winning side, and you can take your crypto trading to the next level. However, this is not obtainable for the Royal Q crypto trading bot.

#5. Customer Service

Good customer service also tells how well your services can be trusted. Compared to the Eazybot, the Royal Q crypto trading customer services are not performing maximally for customers’ services.

However, the Eazybot crypto trading has unified and effective customer care support. They also run several live weekly zoom meetings; they have community support and training by software developers. In addition, they’re available to give guidance to beginners trading on the platform.

#6. Funding

Both trading bot allows you to control your fund, but there is a difference in funding; the Royal Q trading annual fund is $100. The Eazybot offers you a variety of options: it has three compensation plans for users: the free bot version, the advanced package, which is $250, and the VIP package, which costs $995.


These in-depth trading reviews will help you decide on the best trading crypto bot in 2022. However, You can go the extra mile to check out reviews on both crypto trading websites. It will help you compare and decide on the best trading bot to trade. Look out for ranks, structure, fast start bonuses, revenue share pools, check matching bonus, payment fee, etc.

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