Eazybot Vs Royal Q

EazyBot Vs Royal Q: The Comparison

While they are both automated crypto trading bots, one of the major differences between Eazybot and Royal Q is that there is a free crypto trading bot version available in Eazybot and this free version still share similar crypto trading strategies as the VIP version, making it the best free crypto trading bot solution.

However, is the free version of using these platforms the only yardstick to measure how reliable and trustworthy they are? Definitely not. If you want to make a good comparison before tossing your investment into any of these tools, you need to look beyond the obvious.

It is for this reason that I have developed this in-depth best crypto bot comparison with the objective of finding the best crypto trading bot based on comprehensive analysis, research from users’ reviews, and personal experience using these tools.

It is not deniable that auto trading crypto is simplified with both crypto trading software such as Eazybot and Royal Q (Royal Quantitative), Nevertheless, many distinguishing features make these two AI crypto trading bots unique.

Meanwhile, we will be measuring their efficiency based on certain parameters including entry price, customer support, the ability of the bots to generate profits even in a massive market dump, and how realistic their referral program is.

Before we place these two leading crypto bots side by side for in-depth comparison, we should start by knowing their basic offerings and how they work.

What you should know about Royal Q

The Royal Q robot is a computer-based program built with cryptocurrency trading signals to read and trade on the world’s largest exchanges: Binance and Huobi exchange.

By the virtue of this intelligent signal, the AI software can analyze the performance of the market on your behalf, and then decide on the best time to make the trading.

This is done by observing the market data, interpreting and calculating the potential risk, and then buying and selling without you having to intervene in any of the processes.

Royal Q is owned by a Chinese company and was built with the idea of eliminating the psychological factor that comes to play when we trade which impacts our decision-making in crypot exchange – no trading emotions attached!

In other words, traders who embrace the opportunities presented by this tool need no longer go through the hassle of hideously observing the market trends and deciding when is the best time to do the trading.

This is a good thing because there are times when we aren’t able to react quickly enough to plummet or appreciation in the market price and trajectory. And so, crypto robot-like Royal Q comes to your aid to help you achieve your trading goal.

What you should know about Eazy Bot

The offerings presented by Eazybot are similar to most other crypto trading bots. The explanation is not entirely different from that of Royal Q. It is presumably one of the reasons why many people find it hard to compare both tools to make the right decision of investment.

As expected, the software uses AI-based algorithms for 24/7 intelligent tracking, execution of strategies, and analysis and processing of data. One of the things that make Eazybot unique, however, is that the tool adopts multiple technical strategies of experts that new users can imitate to set the strategies by which the robot will work.

This has proven helpful for beginners in the business, especially those who are just trying bots for the first time. Examples of these strategies include built-in opening positions tracking, tail order stop profit, and many more.

After setting this corresponding investment style, the quantitative system by Eazybot company-match corresponding quantitative strategies that are relevant to the market.

Even though Eazybot is often seen as an alternative since it offers similar things as most high-end bots that have been in the game for a long, a special quality about the tool is that it is particularly built for those with no prior trading experience who can now generate profits using the quantitative robot.

The Ai-driven Robot works in a way that it reacts profitably to bulls and bears of the crypto market, thanks to the famous Eazy 1-Click Strategy Setup, that allows beginners or advanced users to skip the need to spend countless hours tinkering with parameters, settings, and strategies.

Royal Q Vs EazyBot – Entry price 

To take advantage of the offering on the Royal Q trading bot, one needs to pay a cost of $120 that will serve as a full-year subscription and at least $20 for trading gas fees. Also, as you trade to make profits, gas fees will be collected from the $20. In other words, the entry price to get started with Royal Q is $140.

Note: the funds for trading that are required to be kept in your Binance spot USDT wallet are from $50 or $100 or above.

On the other side of the spectrum, EazyBot membership is available at three price points: the Free plan, the Novice plan, and then the Pro VIP plan. These price points are the registration fee through which you can use Eazybot.

This is good news for beginners who are not yet confident about splurging their funds. They can leverage the free plan before advancing.

Meanwhile, the paid version of the eazybot crypto trading bot is $250 for novice and $995 for VIP. The VIP eazybot crypto trading software license comes with concierge support and all available crypto coins and crypto exchanges.

I recommend you read my recent guide on how to get started with Eazybot so you know the various offerings that differentiate these packages from one another. 

Royal Q Vs EazyBot – Customer support 

It is inadmissible to ascertain the best crypto auto trading bot without taking into consideration the customer support available.

Without speaking with a tongue in the cheeks, royal Q cryptocurrency trading software seems to be lacking when it comes to customer support and this has been well expressed by many reviewers of the bot.

Although the software offers various means on their website through which you can contact customer support, the feedback is as slow as not sending queries in the first place.

On the other hand, the eazybot software for crypto trading prides itself on 24/7 customer support, community support, multiple live weekly zoom training calls, and access to the best crypto trading software developer.

All these offerings are automatically integrated into their different packages upon paying the entry price so you are granted direct access to these. This makes Eazybot an ideal crypto bot for beginners who need guidance and training even while using the tool.

Royal Q Vs EazyBot – Profit generation amid market dump

Given that both Royal Q and Eazybot are among the best-automated crypto trading bots, they feature crypto trading strategies that include cost averaging, crypto scalping strategy, and an enhanced form of crypto grid trading. But which does it better?

To begin with, beginners or advanced users of EazyBot have an edge over regular traders with the famous Eazy 1-Click Strategy Setup that works by sustaining a 50%+ market drop such that they can watch their profits go up even when the market is going down.

The strategy eliminates the need for users to spend countless hours tinkering with parameters, settings, and strategies given that it has been intelligently designed to continue to trade and make a profit.

The Eazybot crypto software has market crash correction which is a powerful crypto trading bot strategy as it can handle a 70% drop in the crypto market and it will still make a profit without the market having to return to the price of the initial order.

Meanwhile, the ROYALQ Bot can make a trading profit of 0.1% – 10% per day and 3% to 300% per month. On other market days, about 2% to 5% per day can be recorded as it depends on the chosen algorithm of particular trade assets.

But Eazybot seems to have the floor based on this particular comparison because the tool also has an auto-compounding feature to enhance its crypto trading automation and take advantage of the power of compound interest to grow your trading capital.

Royal Q Vs EazyBot – MLM marketing 

The comparison between Royal Q and Eazybot as two of the best automated trading platform out there is not complete without comparing the royal q compensation plan with the eazybot compensation plan.

If you are venturing into these bots for the sake of the referral program, and you are torn between both platforms, you must analyze the compensation plan structure, ranks, fast start bonuses, check matching bonus, revenue share pools, and trading bot crypto performance fee payout before making a decision.

For instance, in Eazybot, after becoming a member, the bot company offers users the opportunity to participate in their lucrative reward program and earn extra.

It is similar to other MLM programs, it is available on 12 different ranks ranging from regular Affiliate to Crown Affiliate, and the amount of bonuses allocated for each.

However, how the Multi-level-marketing Referral program works is by reimbursing you for referring others into the network. It consists of 4 levels where you earn from as low as $30 to $60 for direct referral.

Similarities between Royal Q and Eazy Bot

Despite their differences and slight advancement gaps, Eazybot and Royal Q have some things in common. So, if you are going to choose one over the other, you can be sure to get some offerings.

  1. Both the royal q trading bot and Eazybot use USDT as the base currency and support multiple crypto exchanges.
  1. They can both be run as a binance trading bot, a coinbase trading bot, and a huobi trading bot at the same time. (Meanwhile, eazybot crypto auto trading bot can also be used as a Kraken trading bot among other crypto exchanges on the way)

3. They both support automated crypto trading and are available;e to users on the web and Google Play store.

Final verdict  

I consider the best trading bots as ones that are profitable and allow as much customization by users. Ultimately, you want to go for the bot that suits your level of trading and supports multiple strategies and integrates social trading.

We have been able to place both Eazybot and Royal Q side-by-side, and have made us realize that the most efficient bots combine automated and manual trading strategies and monitoring.

Eazybot is my recommended bot. Royal Q certainly supports multiple and most useful indicators, but there is no free version to guarantee the trust of starters and there is a limited number of coins you can integrate with. For this reason, you might want to look at Eazybot which allows automation of multiple trading strategies.

I also consider Eazybot as the best crypto trading bot as long as this comparison is concerned because it has the most beneficial features, it is less costly, it allows backtesting of automated trading strategies, and certainly, one that accommodates multiple indicators and trading strategies.


This brings us to the end of this in-depth comparison guide on Eazybot and Royal Q trading bot. We have been able to compare these two based on certain parameters including entry price, customer support, the ability of the bots to generate profits even in a massive market dump, and how realistic their referral program is.

In the world of cryptocurrency trading, crypto trading bots do the work of trading either one or multiple cryptocurrencies on one or multiple platforms automatically. Given that bots are automated computer programs designed to run specific tasks with minimal human intervention, there is no doubt that Eazybot and Royal Q will be helpful. But if you are a beginner, you are better off with Eazybot.

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