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Are you tired of being scammed out of your money with easybot? That’S simply not possible. Here your money is safe and secure in your own account at all times, and the best part is it’s free to get started so do so in the link down below fill in an application i’ll get right back to you, hey everyone and welcome today’s video. Today. We’Re gon na take a look at how EazyBot handles a market crash, and i have a very, very good example for you guys.

So what i want to share with you right now is how the bot has been performing with one of the coins. I’M trading with that has really gone down a lot in value now. Remember when you’re trading with easybot, there are no fixed uh, there are no fixed daily income, so it will depend on the market fluctuations and it will be depend on which coin and how many coins that you trade with. So i’m going to give you an example here, so these here coins have been started at different times with different uh, different uh trading amounts and the latest one was started with just a hundred dollars. So i have another video on my channel, which you can see how you can start trading with as low as 100 now case.

In point, i want to go to luna and, as you can see, if you go back or i had 600 dollars allocated for trading with luna, which means that they they will use in total up to six hundred dollars and of those six hundred dollars. There’S now 224 that is still available, but luna has seen a significant drop in market price. We’Re gon na take a look at that so first before we go into the specifics, let me just share with you the amount of trades that have been happening right. So these are buy positions, selling position, buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell, five, sell, sell, sell, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell, sell. You know these are a lot of trades that have been taking place and now, let’s, let’s get some clarity into this.

So obviously, this bot has been able to handle a significant market drop, because if you see the initial buying price went 116 and now we are down to what 83. So that’s a huge huge market drop right there. So what happens? Is that, instead of having a very big floating loss for a long period of time? What what Eazy Bot does is that it low [, Music, ] average, the initial buying positions and what i mean by that, even though the positions here were bought in at 116.

The court that now that these positions sell half of that will go towards profit for you directly and the other half will go to lowering the average price. So even though uh i initially bought it at 116, almost 117, it’s now down to 107 dollars on average. So what’s happening here now is that the more trade, the more things that’s happening here with these sales – will bring down this price further uh. This price will go down further until it reaches the new point where it’s at down here and then the whole position will clear and you will see the full your the full profit generated from this session. So if you see this here session, it was a short session.

There was an initial buy-in uh, there was a cover and then they sold and you can see the total profit there and then a new session starts. This session is a long session right, but we won’t see the full profits being generated until the whole decision clears now. How is it able to do that? If we go here and click? If i go down here, first and foremost, i want to say something these here, these three positions.

Here they are not the default settings. I do. I am not trading with the default setting. I strongly suggest that you, trade with the default settings just have this ticked. On here and don’t touch anything if you don’t know what you’re doing right, don’t just don’t now.

What i want to share with you here is how it works, so uh, the more the market goes down. So in this case here the market goes down uh, zero or one percent. It will buy in one time the initial buy-in, which initial order is twin, uh, 20.5 and then, when it goes down one more, it will have two times 20 20.5 and then, when the market goes down three percent, it’s four times the the initial buying amount.

And what’s going to happen, is that the other positions here half of it is going to as you see here – profit retracement so what’s happening here – is that half of the half of the profit that’s been generated here will go towards lowering the cost of the initial Buy-Ins up here, and if this sounds like french to you, that’s fine, it doesn’t matter the bot dust is automatically. But the cool thing is that when the market drops a lot, it will not just continuously buy in, but it waits for the market to go up. 0.5 percent – and this is genius – this is genius, because that allows you to really look for support. Look for where the bots start trading again and look for when the market goes up, so that the bot can start trading again and when it does trade.

Half of the profits will go to you and half of the profit will go towards lowering the initial buying price, and so, even though luna, for example, which we’re taking a look here, has had a significant drop in value. My 600 dollars are still only 70. Something percent used right, so uh that that’s really amazing this hair strategy. I strongly suggest it because uh, even though the market takes a huge, huge dip, then uh profits and i won’t have uh floating laws for a very long time, because each new trade brings the whole price down until the whole position is cleared. And you will see your full profit and then we’ll start a new session uh based on the current price of that coin.

So that is simply simply amazing. So don’t look at easy bots on a day-to-day basis right, you know zoom out a little bit. You know let it run for a month for a full month, first, six months for a year and then make your decision based on that right. So this is not something you should go in and look at every five minutes uh. This is something that takes time to come into fruition, but this is something that is long-term, that is sustainable with your funds safe and secure in your own account at all times.

I strongly strongly recommend it, and i know that the leadership is amazing, amazing and they are all working on so many new cool features uh behind the scenes. So if you are interested in getting started with easybot, you can do so in the link down in the description. Just click there fill out your information so that i can get in contact with you and help me support you and let’s get this show on the road, because this is really something that is truly truly amazing. So thank you.

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