Eazybot Reviews – All Big Doubts and Fears Clarified!


If you have been introduced to Eazybot, it is expected that you develop certain reservations about the AI crypto trading robot.

While Eazybot promises to maximize profit through automated crypto trading and widen passive income streams through the MLM compensation plan, I have observed some factors that many reviewers label as red flags about Eazybot which should not be overlooked if you are going to invest in the software.

For this reason, I have developed this article to review Eazybot in an attempt to squarely address the big doubt and fears that many reviewers label as red flags about the cryptocurrency trading robot.

To effectively do this with utmost objectivity, I am going to tour you through the website, straight to the point, with a risk investment and analytical mindset.

P.S: I’m not an investment advisor. It is recommended that you do your due diligence to see if all I have provided here tally with your findings. I shall not be responsible for any profits you make or any losses you incur as a result of you interacting with my content. 

Now that I’ve gotten that disclaimer out of the way, let’s have an overview review of easybot going by the information provided on its website.

Take Your Eye Off The Compensation Plan for a Second

I have traded with many AI tools in the past and one of the ways I do my due diligence to know beyond the surface – to know the end game of any company – is to take my eye off the proposed mouthwatering compensation plan first before any other thing.

If you are new to Eazybot and want to know if it is the right crypto trading robot for you, you need to first care less about the compensation plan because what you should prioritize is knowing how safe your funds are.

Meanwhile, if you are a network marketer, you may also concern yourself with referral compensation, hierarchal bonuses, and others.  

Eazybot Review: Assessing the website

A look at the landing page of the official Eazybot website (easybot.com) one would notice they are mainly concerned with making crypto trading easy.

Eazybot website

After interacting with the website, one can deduce that the major offerings of Eazybot, as long as cryptocurrency and digital assets are concerned, include:

  • No experience needed simple, easy to use the crypto trading bot
  • Have multiple bots deployed ready to trade on your behalf 
  • Ability to use built-in proven strategies or your preferred strategy.
  • Earn crypto 24/7 
  • Never close a losing trade easy 
  • The one-click strategy is set up.

Eazybot product offerings

Now, we have a basic idea of what Eazybot is all about; let’s look at how they make their money and how much is required to use the AI tool.

Fears in pricing and package plans

To know about the actual pricing of Eazybot, log on to the official Eazybot website, Navigate to the top right corner, and then click on pricing.

EazyBot pricing

The first package is free forever. In other words, with the $0, you have access to two trading pairs, one exchange service fee of 30%, daily support zoom calls, and access to marketing tools.

Whereas, the advanced package costs $250 and allows you 10 trading pairs, 2 exchanges, a 20% service fee, daily zoom calls, and access to marketing tools.

Meanwhile, the VIP plan which you have to pay $995 for allows you all trading pairs, 5 exchanges, a 20% service fee dedicated agent, monthly private meetings, daily zoom calls, and access to all the marketing tools.

P.S: These packages are on an annual subscription basis, including the advanced and the VIP – while you have one that is free.

Now, the bot can trade in the cryptocurrency market and generate profit. So many reviewers flag this free option because if you think about it, why would you give it out to somebody for free? – Except one has an ulterior motive with the free package.

What many anti-Eazybot reviews out there don’t understand is that even in the Free package, the bot requires you to deposit a minimum of $600 to trade your coins. However, along with that, the bot charges a trading fee and transactional fees from which it generates its revenue.

So, if you think that Eazybot doesn’t make actual profit from trading because it is offered in the Free package, that is not correct because even those who enjoy the free plan will need to deposit for transactional fees such as depositing, withdrawal, and the $600 trading amount that should be in your wallet.

Fears in recommended minimum trading amount

Separate from the annual subscription packages, you should know that the minimum amount you can trade with is $600 – this is not written in the pricing section of the bot’s website which is a flaw.

So, the Free, Advance ($250), and VIP ($995) are just the bot rental fee for a year. It is different from the $600 that you need to trade with at a minimum.

This has raised worry among new users, especially those who do not have much to put in. Many new users and reviewers, see the minimum trading amount as too much to start an investment with the bot.

Such opinion is okay, given that a lot of people would want to start low, and then begin to scale up as they build trust with the website.

However, I have explained in-depth the reason why Eazybot requires you to trade with a minimum of $600 in this recent article HERE to clear all doubts.

Fears about the contact information

Now moving to the contact information of Eazybot, you must have a clear knowledge of the contact information of any crypto bot or company you want to invest your money into.

The image below, culled from the Eazybot website shows that users can reach them via Telegram. They also disclosed that they are based in Dubai, Silicon Oasis Technohub building.

Eazybot contact information

Now the central doubt about Eazybot contact information is that it is widely believed that Dubai is arguably one of the crime capitals of the world which makes it appear like a huge red flag. And so, one of the reservations potential users have is that they take their leaders and promoters worldwide to conferences and holidays in Dubai.

As you can see from the address that they provided, they claim to be situated in Dubai. But ever since its launch, a lot of people over the world have been benefiting from Eazybot. Many thriving software companies originated from Dubai and are now multinational.

If you snooze on Eazybot, lamely because it is from Dubai, by the virtue of the influence of reviewers who have not analytically accessed the income potential of Eazybot, then it would be your fault that you slept on the next big thing to happen to automated trading when you had the opportunity.

Fears about Eazybot owner 

 It is not stated clearly on their website who the CEO or founder of Eazybot is, but with a little bit of digging, we were able to find that Mohammed Omar Ali identifies himself as the CEO and founder of Eazybot on his LinkedIn profile

Eazybot contact information

The profile in the image above shows that he is situated in the United Arab Emirates which tallies with the information on the website that the company is based in Dubai.

A look at YouTube, I also discovered that the Eazybot CEO also has a channel on the platform where he releases videos of himself and other team members giving tips, lessons, guides, and answers to questions that must have been raised during some of their live video sessions.

Not all crypto trading bots companies will reveal their identity, beyond the website on social media like YouTube.

Fears about legal baggage

There is also a big doubt about the legal standing of Eazybot in its approval of giving securities and guaranteeing passive income to the public.

Content creators always talk about investment opportunities that offer securities and crypto trading bots are one of those opportunities – collecting money from people, and then giving them passive income in return.

No matter how you want to talk about it, crypto enthusiasts always say crypto is decentralized which means crypto and every other thing that concerns it, including bots, will not come under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

To gain the trust of users, any crypto bot that claims to be legit must be ready to show its users that it has gotten some form of go-ahead from the authorities to be able to stand and say that the public should bring their money for them to trade and receive returns. That is some sort of certification.

As you consider investing with Eazybot, it would be good to check out the company’s registration documents and its position in the legal field of Dubai HERE. It will help debunk any rumors you’ve heard before reading this extensive review.

Keep in mind that no Tom, Dick, and Harry can just come out from nowhere to offer securities to people when there is a body that is supposed to license and regulate people who are meant to do such.

Thankfully, a part on the website of the SEC outlines that they regulate cryptocurrency opportunities which Eazybot is revered under.

Fears about Eazybot compensation plan

Another factor that leaves a lacuna in the fears of people who are considering an investment in Eazybot is its MLM compensation plan which has been erroneously confused for a pyramid scheme.

Eazybot sure has a compensation plan like a topical MLM, but in this article HEREI have explicitly explained the intricacies behind their MLM plan and why it shouldn’t give us a sign that this is potentially a pyramid scheme.

By definition, Pyramid schemes are illegal. This is when corporate entities, under the pretext of selling tangible or virtual goods and services, rely solely on the recruitment of new members to generate their revenue.

Businesses that survive with pyramid schemes usually end up failing as soon as the number of potential recruits drops, eventually becoming a waste of time and money to many investors who are involved in the scheme.

Easybot, on the other hand, runs a multi-level marketing program. In other words, the company primarily survives from the revenue derived from subscriptions made when users pay for an advanced VIP plan that has better trading offerings than the basic/free plan.

The compensation plan involves referring friends and family, getting commissions, and climbing the ladder as you expand your referral network.


The above factors contribute to the major fears and doubts that many new users and crypto enthusiasts have about the Eazybot trading robot and their respective clarifications from reliable sources.

Out of all the artificial doubts that many anti-Eazybot try to echo out there, the fact that the company and its owner originate from Dubai gives them some advantage in their blind opinion.

Dubai indeed has some fraudulent omen, given that it is a country with minimal extradition treaties – where safety is guaranteed to scammers as long as their victims aren’t locals. This is why you will find the majority of the MLM companies spring up from there or have their headquarters based there.

The good news is that amongst these scrupulous elements, many legit software companies in Dubai are successful in all respects and compete with fellow competent companies situated in places like Silicon Valley.

This does not mean they are immune to potential criticism by people who detest software innovations from Dubai.

Unfortunately, this is an issue Eazybot will need to overcome by consistently proving to their users their transparency and legitimacy through their already established 24/8 customer service and community support.

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