EazyBot Review: Is Eazy Bot the Best Crypto Trading Robot?

In today’s EazyBot trading robot review, we’re going to dissect the platform to see if indeed you can make money with the Eazy Bot trading bot.

Or if it’s just another Ponzi or scam project…

Cryptocurrency trading and adoption are growing worldwide. As of 2021, the global crypto ownership stands at 3.9% with over 300 million crypto users globally. Traditionally, people have been using popular exchanges to trade cryptocurrencies. However, new cryptocurrency trading platforms with AI capabilities are coming up.

One unique platform is EazyBot. I know you may have or have not heard about it. Either way, if you want to make your crypto trading easier, you’ve come to the right place. In our EazyBot review, we’ll discuss what EazyBot is, how it works, how to make money with EazyBot and much more.

What is EazyBot?

EazyBot is an AI cryptocurrency trading bot designed to make crypto trading simple and easy for you. Preprogrammed with proven trading strategies, EazyBot makes it easy, even for the novice, to trade cryptos. These trading strategies have already been tested by professional traders. Not only do they work. But they generate consistent results during trading.

Since EazyBot is always powered by smart AI, it enables you to stay in the market 24/7. Not only will the bot do the trading for you 24/7. But it will search the markets for new opportunities.

Since EazyBot opens and closes trades in seconds, you’ll always be in a winning position. EazyBot is able to achieve this by closing trades when you’re in a winning position. It then opens new trades after the AI scours the markets and finds new opportunities.

For professional traders, EazyBot can help you enter and exit trades in minutes. Unlike other trading platforms, EazyBot eliminates the need to spend hours looking at entry and exit points. This saves you time and money.

Who is Mohammed Omer Ali?

Mohammed Omer Ali is the founder and CEO of EazyBot, the crypto trading platform that automates trading. He started by working in the escalators and elevator installation industry as a project manager.

Besides working as a project manager, Mohammed Omer Ali worked in business development, sales and marketing. However, the crypto bug bit him, and he founded EazyBot.

Together with a dedicated team of developers, Mohammed Omer Ali worked relentlessly to build EazyBot, a superior app with smart AI. He packed the software with features that let crypto traders maximize trading and profits plus minimise risks.

For beginners, EazyBot offers the easiest entry point to the profitable and lucrative crypto trading market. With EazyBot, crypto traders can never miss out on an opportunity in crypto trading.

How EazyBot Works

As aforementioned, EazyBot is a crypto trading bot with smart AI that makes automated trading accessible to all traders. This includes beginners with no experience in crypto trading or cryptocurrencies.

To get started, click on the referral link from your sponsor. Then enter the following details:

Full name




Phone number

Sponsor (auto-filled)

Finally, review EazyBot’s terms of service and privacy policy, then click “Register.” Now, you’ve registered as an EazyBot user.

Head over to the EazyBot site and sign in with your details – email and password. Choose your package from the pricing page, then fund your wallet. To do so, click “MyWallet” from your account dashboard.

Select deposit, enter the deposit amount, and the system will transfer the funds to your EazyBot wallet. EazyBot works with Binance and Coinbase Pro. To trade, deposit USDT TRC20. The funds that go into your EazyBot wallet cover your Software Service and Subscription Fees. To trade, deposit funds into your exchange account. These funds never go to EazyBot.

The next step is to connect your crypto exchange with your EazyBot account. To do so, go to API Management on your account dashboard, enter “Label”, select “Create API”, and then “Edit Restrictions.”

Check “Enable Spot and Margin Trading” then click “Save.” Next, go to “Bot Management” on your account dashboard, and select “User Exchanges.” Click “Add User Exchange”, enter a connection name, and copy and paste the API key plus the secret key in the spaces provided.

Next, we add bots. Start by selecting “Bots”, then click “Add New” and add the title. Select “Exchange” and then “Coin.” Enter the trading balance and click “Save.” Congratulations, you’ve set up your EazyBot account and you can start trading cryptocurrencies.

How To Make Money with EazyBot

There are two ways you can make money with EazyBot

Trade Cryptocurrency

Once you fund your Binance or Coinbase Pro account and your API is already connected, you can start trading cryptocurrency. Before trading, ensure you’re 3% of the trading amount and your fee option is in Binance and Coinbase Pro.

Since you already added bots, you can use the default configuration. Alternatively, experienced traders can unselect this option to change parameters and strategies. Select the “Exchange” option and then the cryptocurrency to trade for example Bitcoin (BTC).

Enter the amount you would like to trade. The recommended amount to start a trade is $600. Since auto compounding is already preselected and the initial order is already calculated, click “Save.” EazyBot buys long positions and dollar-cost averaging with grid trading positions. Per month, EazyBot will produce returns between 5% and 20%. You can start seeing results as a trade closes in profit.

EazyBot Compensation and Affiliate Plan Explained

As aforementioned, you can only open an account on EazyBot via a referral link sent by your sponsor. Now that you’re an account holder, you can sponsor others and make money. Once you sign up, you become an EazyBot Affiliate.

There are different tiers in the EazyBot affiliate system.

Affiliate Coach – recruit three affiliates who invest $600+ with EazyBot

M1 Coach – recruit and maintain one Affiliate Coach

M2 Coach – recruit and maintain two Affiliate Coaches

Super Affiliate – recruit and maintain three Affiliate coaches

M1 Super Affiliate – recruit and maintain one Super Affiliate

M2 Super Affiliate – recruit and maintain two Super Affiliates

M3 Super Affiliate – recruit and maintain three Super Affiliates

M4 Super Affiliate – recruit and maintain four Super Affiliates

M5 Super Affiliate – recruit and maintain 5 Super Affiliates

Champion Affiliate – have one M5 Super Affiliate generating $500,000 in total bot volume

Crown Affiliate – have a Champion Affiliate generating $1 million in total bot volume

To share your referral link, sign in and from your account dashboard, click “my Profile.” Scroll down to “My Referral Link” then copy and send the link to those you want to sponsor.

Alternatively, click on “Affiliate Center” from your account dashboard. Then, click “My Referral Link” and copy your link and share it with those you want to sponsor. When your referral clicks the link and subscribes to EazyBot’s Advanced Package ($250), you’ll receive $100 and your sponsor gets $25. If your referral subscribes to EazyBot’s VIP package that goes for $995, you’ll receive $398 and your sponsor gets $99.

Eazybot Deposit and Withdrawal

How to Deposit To My EazyBot Account

As a new member, sign in to your EazyBot account to deposit funds. From your account dashboard, click “Add Funds”, then select USDT (TRC20) and add the deposit amount. EazyBot will list the estimated processing fee with the amount you wish to deposit. Remember, these funds do not include the exchange fees.

Now, copy the address. The deposit address is a one time use TRC20 address, and it’s valid for 24 hours. Add the deposit address to USDT (TRC20) withdrawal in any TRC20 wallet. Or, you can add the address to USDT/USDC (ERC20) Withdrawal in Coinbase Pro.

Do not close the deposit address window until you’ve copied and withdrawn funds from the exchange. Once you withdraw payment from your exchange, click “I did the Payment.” Deposits take up to 24 hours to reflect in your EazyBot wallet.

For current EazyBot members, click on the two lines at the top left of the page, then click “My Wallet.” You can select one of the following options:




Add the deposit amount, and the platform will calculate the estimated processing fee. Copy the deposit address, then add the address to USDT withdrawal in any TRC20 wallet or USDT/USDC withdrawal in Coinbase Pro.

Confirm you’ve made the payment once you withdraw from your exchange, then click “Deposit.”

How To Withdraw Funds From EazyBot

Sign in to your EazyBot account, then click the two lines at the top left of the page. Click “My Wallet and then click “Withdraw.” EazyBot will redirect you to another page where you can enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

EazyBot will charge you 2 USDT TRC20 as a processing fee. The minimum amount you can withdraw is 25 USDT, and the maximum amount is 999 USDT. EazyBot allows its members to submit multiple withdrawal requests.

To withdraw the funds, enter your USDT TRC20 deposit address then click “Withdraw.” Sign in to the email you registered with and check for the OTP code. Enter the OTP code in the space provided then click “Submit.”

All withdrawal requests submitted before 2100 EST are usually deposited into your account within 24 hours. But if you submit your withdrawal request after 2100 EST, the funds will reach your account within 24 hours from 2100 EST the next day.

EazyBot Registration

To register at EazyBot, you have to receive an email from your sponsor. In the email, you’ll find a link to the EazyBot registration page. Click on the link and the enter the following details:

Full name




Phone number

You need to confirm your password and review EazyBot’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Once you do so, submit the registration form. Note that EazyBot does not allow members to open multiple accounts. You can only open one account to trade cryptocurrencies.

Eazybot Vs. Royal Q

EazyBot outshines Royal Q as the best-automated crypto trading platform because it offers a free crypto trading bot. This free version has similar trading strategies as those offered to EazyBot’s VIP members.

Both use crypto spot trading which includes crypto scalping strategy, cost averaging, and crypto grid trading. The EazyBot software also has market crash correction features and can handle up to a 70% drop in the crypto market. This ensures that members can profit without the market returning to the initial order price.

When it comes to customer support, EazyBot outshines Royal Q. The latter does offer customer support. However, EazyBot prides itself on providing 24/7 customer support. They also offer live weekly zoom training calls, community support, and helpful articles. This makes EazyBot ideal for beginners in need of guidance and training.

One feature that EazyBot lacks but Royal Q has is the number of cryptocurrency exchanges members can use to trade cryptos. On EazyBot, members have access to Binance and Coinbase Pro. However, Royal Q offers an additional exchange besides Binance and Coinbase. The additional exchange is Huobi. With the extra option, members can leverage their digital assets and take advantage of markets worldwide.

EazyBot Auto Compounding

You can select EazyBot’s Auto Compounding feature from your account dashboard. Once you do so, you’ll be able to grow your crypto earnings faster than ever. Basically, EazyBot will take all the funds it earns for you and automatically adds to the available funds for future trades.

The bot does not work for free. Since all work deserves a salary, the bot will keep a percentage of your profits to cover the software service fees. EazyBot does not have permission to withdraw funds from your Coinbase or Binance account.

To pay off the service fees, you need to have a reserve account in EazyBot. From here, EazyBot will deduct service fees. This way, you can enjoy full transparency.

EazyBot Pricing

EazyBot offers three packages namely:





The Free package goes for $0 and comes with the following features:

Two trading pairs

One exchange

30% Services Fees

Daily Support zoom calls

Access to Marketing tools


The Advanced package goes for $250 and does not include a dedicated agent just like the Free package. The following are features offered with the Advanced package.

10 Trading pairs

Two exchanges

20% Service Fees

Daily Support Zoom calls

Access to Marketing Tools


Lastly, we have the VIP package that goes for $995. This package comes with the following perks:

All trading pairs

Five Exchanges

20% Service Fees

Dedicated Agent (Monthly private meeting)

Daily Support zoom calls

Access to the Marketing tools

All the packages above are available as annual plans. EazyBot does not offer monthly plans as at the time of writing this EazyBot review.

EazyBot Review: Pros and Cons


Below are the pros of the EazyBot platform.

Has a simple and interactive user interface

Comes with smart AI that automates all trades

Members earn more money through EazyBot’s referral program

It’s free to join

The platform trades 24/7 on your behalf


Below are the cons of the EazyBot crypto trading platform.

It’s expensive to trade – traders need at least $600 to get started

The smart AI will not make money for you overnight

Someone has to sponsor you to register for an EazyBot account

EazyBot Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is EazyBot Automatic Compounding?

This is a feature offered by EazyBot that allows traders to grow their crypto earnings faster than ever. Basically, EazyBot will take the funds you earn and automatically add them to your available funds for future trades.

2. Can I change the coin I am trading with?

Yes, you can change the coin you’re trading with on EazyBot. To do so, sign in and click the two lines on the top left corner of the page. Click on “Bot Management” then click “Bots” followed by “Coin Bar.” Next, click the “Settings” gear at the top right of the page then click on “Bot Option.” Select “Single” and click “Save.”

3. How do I delete an EazyBot bot?

EazyBot allows its members to delete a bot once they close out profit on a single strategy. To delete a bot, sign in to EazyBot. From the account dashboard, click the two lines on the top left of the page. Then, click Bot Management > Bots >Trash can icon and finally, click on the “X” on the bot you want to delete.

4. How do I decide which coin to trade on EazyBot?

You can trade the top crypto coins via EazyBot. In fact, you can never go wrong with any of the cryptocurrencies available to trade. To decide which coin is suitable to trade on EazyBot, we recommend a little research online on the crypto’s volatility.

5. Is USDT the only currency trading at EazyBot?

No, it’s not. EazyBot accepts USDT from members using Coinbase Pro and Binance. Members can also use USDC which is available for exchanges not permitted to trade with USDT in Coinbase Pro.

6. How Do I Add My Trusted IP To Binance API?

We recommend using the Trusted IP option for your API connection. This enhances your security. To enable the Trusted IP for your API connection, log in to your Binance account then click the Profile icon. Select “API Management” then click “Edit Restrictions” followed by “Restrict Access to Trust IPs.” Enter your Trusted IP and finally, click “Save.”

7. Is my money safe?

Yes, your money is safe on EazyBot. This is because EazyBot does not have permission to access or withdraw funds from your exchange account. To cover your Software Service Fee on all profitable trades completed for you, you’ll need to fund a reserve account in EazyBot. From this account, EazyBot can deduct the Service Fees.

8. Is it risky trading at EazyBot?

Cryptocurrency trading has many risks due to its volatility. As a crypto trading platform, EazyBot is fully programmed with trading strategies for optimal success. As the price of cryptocurrencies goes up, EazyBot will sell your position. The software will then capture the profit and later, open a new trade. However, if the crypto price goes down, EazyBot will buy additional positions. In doing so, the bot automatically dollar cost average for you.

9. I’m living in North America. Can I use Binance as my exchange?

Yes, if you’re living in the US, you can use Binance.us as your exchange. If you live in Ontario, Canada, Binance is not functional. But it’s available in the rest of Canada. Every member on EazyBot has full access to the marketing tools. Whether you’re on the Free, Advanced or VIP package, you can access all automation systems and marketing funnels on EazyBot.

10. Can I create multiple accounts on EazyBot?

No, each member can only create one account. To sign up, you must receive a link from your sponsor. Click the link, register and start trading cryptocurrencies via EazyBot. If you forget your password, head to the EazyBot website, and click “Log in” on the top right corner of the page. Then, click “Forgot Your Password” which is under Remember me. The site will send an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

Final Words

EazyBot is an intelligent crypto trading platform programmed to run automated trades on your behalf. It comes with a proven 1-click strategy which allows you to close profitable trades each day. The proven trading strategies generate consistent results whether market prices go up or down.

While it’s simple to use, trading via EazyBot is expensive. However, it does the trading for you. As such, you can sit back and relax as the smart bot scours the crypto markets, enters and exits trades confidently.

EazyBot is best for beginners and experienced traders alike. It has a simple and intuitive interface. The smart AI is always learning. So, it gets smarter and smarter which is a plus for you as the bot enters and exits profitable trades growing your portfolio. So, if you want to earn passive income and diversify your cryptocurrency holdings, start trading with EazyBot today!

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