EazyBot Review: Binance, Huobi, Coinbase Pro, Kraken with EasyBot App – What You Don’t Know!!

It is one thing to believe that taking advantage of automated crypto trades has more benefits than downsides. It is another thing to make the right decision on what crypto trading robot to invest in. Find out all you need to know about the EazyBot trading robot below!

The emergence of several crypto robots has presented advantages like time-saving, reduced risk, and overcoming of the uncertainty of volatile coins… and then, there is the MLM referral plan thingy.

These innovations have helped investors in the cryptocurrency business predict and forecast significant events in the crypto market, thereby making well-informed investment decisions.

If you are just hearing of EazyBot, it is easier to think of the software as an example of these innovations. I have realized that many people find it difficult to wrap their heads around using the EazyBot trading robot, how it works, whether or not it is legit, and whether it is worth investing in the first place.

I have developed this extensive guide to touch on these areas. Still, more importantly, I will also share information on the practical aspect of the automated trading tool, such as signing up, making transactions, binding the bot with several exchange platforms, and tracking trading performance.

It is possible that you must have been misinformed about what the AI trading platform is all about. And so, We will begin this guide on that basis.

EazyBot: What is the AI trading software all about?

 If you are familiar with automated trading, then pretty much all of the scopes of EazyBot AI software will not be new to you. 

As with many other computer-based programs that use cryptocurrency trading signals, Eazybot is a robot designed to analyze the market trend on your behalf and then gather the market data and interpret and calculate the potential risk. 

It has been fashioned to execute buying and selling without human intervention or sentiment for optimal profit-making.

Now, this is a general feature for any software that is worth terming a crypto robot. But what makes the EazyBot robot stand out is that it has been specifically created to make cryptocurrency trading easy, perfect for advanced traders, and ideal for new traders.

In other words, EazyBot is among the type of crypto bots you’d want to consider if you are tired of spending countless hours tinkering with parameters, settings, and strategies. 

The software adopts modern technology and the 1- Click trading strategy set-up that allows you to be up and running, closing profitable trades without wasting too many results.

While there are other streams through which users of the bots can earn money, the aspect of trading crypto automatically is a feature that sells the bot more than any other area. 

This is achieved by the software’s ability to take real-time monitoring and tracking of the big data algorithms and adjust to real-time market conditions.

EazyBot website & Company background

EazyBot - Automated Crypto Trading AI | Start Trading Now

Many people hire human experts to handle their crypto trading and manage their crypto coins/assets. But the cost of that, compared to using robots, is shredding. You will understand this better if you are new to the business.

So, investors are now thinking of a smarter way to invest in trading robots to take the load off their shoulders. But you don’t trust anyhow robot, and you’d want one that works in terms of profitability and legitimacy.

This undeniably questions the EazyBot website and company background. EazyBot is among the number of crypto trading bots that sprouted around the global Pandemic when many people piqued interest in amassing a fortune from crypto assets from the comfort of their homes.

The software was born out of the idea that crypto appeared to be hard to learn, confusing to understand, and laden with risk for too many people. The digital solution company, EazyBot, was established in 2021 and founded by Mohamed Ali, the CEO of the AI trading software company.

With his professional training as an engineer and his passion for numbers, Mr. Ali, with some crypto experts and product engineers, developed a strategy that eventually saw their trades and portfolios grow and perform again. 

Unlike many bots out there, EazyBot was created from the pain of a relentless losing streak in the market. 

The outcome of this innovation is that investing in cryptocurrencies, even with little or no experience, has become as easy as operating money in your familiar bank accounts. 

But in addition to that, as we will see later on, the software offers Consistently profitable returns, confident trading of cryptocurrencies, the building of passive income, and then withdrawal of profits at any time.

Eazybot company is based in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Techno Hub 1 Building office No. 173, Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

How does the EazyBot trading AI work?

The primary mission of EazyBot software is to accelerate an easy transition into crypto by providing an opportunity to everyone. This indicates that its automated service targets non-techie people trying to find a profitable balance in the market.

Hence, it is clear why the operation, interface, and system upon which the bot operates is less complicated than some other crypto trading bots that have been in the business for a long time.

Eazybot trading robot works the same way as most competent bots out there, only that the software has been developed with a more user-friendly and simple-to-use approach.

One will need to create an account, create the bots, then configure the bot with the built-in winning strategies. Users also have the option to develop their strategies.

Another interesting thing about Eazybot work is that newbies don’t have to worry about choosing the right strategies. 

Unlike other bots where the settings you choose will determine the trading outcome, Eazybots provide you with historical data of each built-in setting to easily see the best strategy that works for you.

After that, one will need to bind with trading platforms like Binance, Huobi, Coinbase Pro, and Kraken and then deploy the bots, which will now trade on your behalf 24/7 using your selected parameter settings. 

How to get started with EazyBot robot: Steps to sign up

EazyBot - Automated Crypto Trading AI | Start Trading Now

EazyBot membership is available at three price points:

Free: for registration which comes at no cost, and then you can trade two coins on one exchange, say Binance. Here, you also have access to the 1-Click Strategy Set-Up, Group Support Calls & Training Guides, as well as Tutorials Professional Marketing App, to earn As An Affiliate (more on this shortly)

Novice: which costs $250 annually, allowing you to trade up to ten coins on up to two exchanges plus the other benefits in the free plan.

Pro VIP:  which costs $995 annually, allowing you to trade any approved coins on up to five exchanges. Here, you also have access to Tutorials & Training, the 1-Click Strategy Set-Up, the Professional Marketing App, the opportunity to Earn As An Affiliate, and Private 1-1 Support Calls.

Users have higher income potential when they spend higher on the Eazybot affiliate membership.

Note that: Subscription fees on EazyBot are paid in tether (USDT), and the approved tradable coins on EazyBot AI software include Tron, ripple, Cardano, Polkadot, dogecoin, litecoin, uniswap, luna, bitcoin catch, Ethereum, chainlink, polygon, stellar and monero.

On how to get started, the steps seem to be less complicated than other bots that we’ve tested in time past. Here, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the EazyBot official website and navigate to the “pricings” section of the page to get started and create an account. If you already have an account, tap on the “Login.”

EazyBot - Automated Crypto Trading AI | Start Trading Now

Note that the Eazybot app isn’t available on the Google play store yet, so your registration and use of the software will be done via your browser using any internet-accessible device.

Step 2: You will see the subscription pricing options discussed earlier, which you could choose from to get started. But, if it is your first time, I recommend you start with the “Free Forever package.”

EazyBot - Automated Crypto Trading AI | Start Trading Now

Step 3: Clicking on ‘get started, you will be directed to the next page where you will open your account using vital information like your name, email address, Phone number, etc.

EazyBot - Automated Crypto Trading AI | Start Trading Now

Step 4: For Eazybot to function, you need to connect it to your crypto account. This is what many people refer to as binding with your crypto account. The process is as simple as it is done in other bots, only that you can achieve this with just a couple of clicks which means the software has non-techie people in mind seriously.

Step 5: After connecting with your crypto account, activate the bot and start trading funds in your crypto account. Note that the bot never has access to your funds. So there is no red flag here.

Step 6: Choose the 1-Click strategy, and you’ll be trading in minutes. As mentioned earlier, you have the option to set your strategies. Still, if you know little or do not even jack about setting strategies for crypto bots, there is a history of experts strategies that you can effortlessly imitate.

How to activate EazyBot? Know the binding with Binance, Huobi, and others here

EazyBot - Automated Crypto Trading AI | Start Trading Now

In a recent crypto survey, we realized that most people who use trading bots face the most challenge when binding the AI software with their crypto account for automated trading. The majority of these results were from people who use Binance.

The advantage of Eazybot is that it is not limited to only Binance and Huobi exchange platforms, as seen in similar robots. So, binding your EazyBot account with the trading account has been effortless.

Since most people use Binance, our focus will be on that exchange platform. However, keep in mind that the process of binding the EazyBot account with Binance is pretty much the same as other exchange platforms, with just a few differences.

On your Binance app, click on ‘more’ to link you to the last section on API management. Afterward, please create a new API key by giving it a name and clicking on create.

Remember that understanding the robot setting is important to keep your funds safe in the account. 

Binance Binding allows the EazyBot robot to trade with only the instructed fund in your Binance Account.

The different ways to make money with EazyBot?

I like you. While reading, you must have wondered about the different ways to leverage on EazyBot for improved revenue besides automated trading. And that is one of the major essences of most bots you see today.

First, we have hammered on how you can maximize your trading profit with the EazyBot robot. So, automated trading in one stream of income in the use of EazyBot as we have seen the process of registering, activation, and binding with your preferred exchange platform.

Through the trading stream of making money, the robots trade with cryptocurrency based on the amount of capital. The user has to use the best compounding interest to make the interest in the trading. 

On the other hand, the MLM affiliate compensation plan of EazyBot is another insane funnel through which you can amass a fortune. However, this means will work well for those who have already used the bot for a while and have the capacity to influence others to get registered.

The catch behind this referral program is that EazyBot pays you for referring others into the network. And this is based on ranks in the referral hierarchy. The more referrals you have, the higher your bonus.

This is very similar to the MLM plan in many other robots, including those that eventually eloped with investors’ money. So we will take a closer look at the EazyBot MLM plan from a judgemental scope to see if it is something you should consider or steer away from.

EazyBot referral Marketing plan: Know everything here

The main aspect that has made EazyBot famous is the networking and marketing revenues sharing programs, allowing you to make money through the referral networking program.

In the referral, there are many levels of earning income. But for a start, there is the 2-TIER AFFILIATE PROGRAM, where when a new member subscribes or renews using your unique affiliate link, you earn:

  • Advanced Package: $100 USDT in level 1, and $25 USDT in level two
  • VIP Package: $398 USDT in level 1, and $99 USDT in level 2

However, generally speaking, there are 12 ranks in the EazyBot affiliate plan, as illustrated in the image below:

EazyBot - Automated Crypto Trading AI | Start Trading Now
Affiliatesign up as an EazyBot affiliate
Affiliate Coachrecruit three Affiliates who each invest at least $600 with the bot
M1 Coachrecruit and maintain one Affiliate Coach
M2 Coachrecruit and maintain two Affiliate Coaches
Super Affiliaterecruit and maintain three Affiliate Coaches
M1 Super Affiliaterecruit and maintain one Super Affiliate
M2 Super Affiliaterecruit and maintain two Super Affiliates
M3 Super Affiliaterecruit and maintain three Super Affiliates
M3 Super Affiliaterecruit and maintain four Super Affiliates
M5 Super Affiliaterecruit and maintain five Super Affiliates
Champion Affiliatehave an M5 Super Affiliate in five separate downline legs (can be personally recruited or otherwise), and generate and maintain $500,000 in total downline bot investment volume
Crown Affiliatehave a Champion Affiliate in five separate downline legs (can be personally recruited or otherwise), and generate and maintain $1,000,000 in total downline bot investment volume

EazyBot AI trading pros & cons

The truth is that the EazyBot robot, and even AI trading bot in general, is not for everyone. To understand if the software is best for you, you want to know the positive and negative aspects.

On the brighter side, Eazybot is worth investing in based on the following advantages:

  • Eazy 1-Click Strategy Settings 
  • Customizable for Advanced Users 
  • Automatically Compound Your Earnings 
  • Perfect For Small Or Large Accounts 
  • 24/7 Automated Trading 
  • You can Get Started For Free

However, on the darker side, we all know that the use of the bot is affected by the challenge of programming errors. While robots are more efficient for crypto asset trading, they are not always referred to since simple mistakes can result in a significant loss (which, fortunately, can be curtailed).

It won’t be right to ignore the widespread claims that the system of EazyBot, particularly its MLM plan, does not beat the drum of genuineness to investors who like always to play it safe. 

This has always been a problem or accusation placed on many thriving bots that present an affiliate revenue pool. Fortunately, it is not a new allegation that we can’t bank on.

Is EazyBot company Legit?

The short answer is Yes, the EazyBot crypto trading robot is legit and is no scam. It is not the first trading bot that has surfaced and won’t be the last. The only issue is that you need to understand how the robot works and review it to ensure it works best for you before investing funds.

It is a good thing that the bot has been made with non-techie people in mind, so you don’t have to be crypto savvy before you make it using Eazybot.

Your funds are deposited in a Binance account, which is the safest place for the funds. Although the Eazybot company does not leave enough footprint in the public domain, that is enough for us to review whether or not they are tangible; this is an attitude that most crypto solutions have.

Are the EazyBot Customer reviews trustworthy?

EazyBot doesn’t have a vibrant thread of reviews on most social media platforms yet. It is the usual flaw profile that comes with novelty. However, looking at popular review forums on the internet, you will see a balance between positive and negative reviews about EazyBot.

Most of the best reviews are about the ease of usage and incredibly simplified interface that allows newbies to start trading like a pro. On average, most reviewers are very optimistic about the used technology, with screenshots of increased trading revenue.

Most of the negative reviews involve the risk involved in engaging in the MLM plan. But the positive reviews outweigh the negative, which is a good indication.

So yes, The reviews on EazyBot are trustworthy. It is even assuring when you find out that the company does not feature any reviews on the social media platform yet to prove that they don’t device these reviews themselves.

EazyBot - Automated Crypto Trading AI | Start Trading Now

EazyBot review: conclusion

They say the first impression lasts longer. The first impression of EazyBot would be that it is very easy to use, even for those who know little or nothing about crypto trading strategies and configuration.

We have gone through the company’s scope that developed Eazybot, how you can get started by creating and activating an account, and how you can link your Eazybot account with the trading platform.

Aside from providing the safest and the most effective way to trade, the bot is also characterized by its affiliate referral plan, which seems to be the hugest chunk of revenue that many are after – either as a means of criticism or a means of leverage.

Dollars to donuts, I’d recommend you give the technology a shot, especially if this is your first time using robots for automated trading. And to diversify your income streams, you may also want to consider the EazyBot 2-tier affiliate plan.


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