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Eazybot Registration – Step-by-step Guide for Beginners

The very first leap to take towards enjoying the benefits of Eazybot as an AI crypto trading tool is to sign up and create an account with the platform.

Fortunately, the registration process for Eazybot can be done in a matter of minutes and it is straightforward. However, for successful signup, you will need to ensure that you have an accessible and active email address and all other required information at your disposal.

Whether you have been invited through a referral link, or you are attempting to register on your own, the step-by-step guide in this article will walk you through the process of Eazybot registration both on browser and mobile app platforms.

Meanwhile, Eazybot registration can be done on the Desktop or on your phone. However, since the majority are probably trying to use their phone for registration, I have decided to show you the steps involved by sharing my screen which shows a mobile view, not a desktop view.

P.S: the Eazybot registration process is the same both on Desktop and mobile view.

Now, let’s get to the business of the day

How to Register for Eazybot

Step 1: Log on to the registration page


The first step to registering for Eazybot is to open your browser and navigate to the registration page where you will be given the places to fill in the details required for account opening.

This can be done in two different ways. It is either you go directly to the official Eazybot website (Eazybot.com) or then click on wherever indicates register or someone sends you a link which is a referral link that will directly lead you to the registration page.

I will advise that you register through a referral link because not only does it save you the stress of going to the official website, but you also stand a chance to incur signup bonuses when you come in through referral links and you are also helping your friend earn some commissions by inviting you as well.

Looking for a referral link to sign-up and claim possible bonuses? Sign up HERE

Step 2: Fill in the details correctly

Eazybot registration

Now, the link will direct you to a browser page that looks like a form. Sections on the page will demand specific data and information such as your first name and last name,

(If you had any issues signing up and you didn’t get any confirmations or anything, just see if you can resign again using a different e-mail address.)

Other information you will need to put in includes your country which should be one where you currently reside, and then your phone number. Ensure the number of your phone contact details is not wrong or incomplete.

After these, you can briefly set up a new password for yourself which you need to type twice for confirmation.

Step 3: Accept T&Cs and policies

Eazybot terms and conditions

Now that you have filled in all the answers to the information requested, scroll down to the end of the registration page and tick the box that indicates and validates that you agree to Eazybot’s terms, conditions and policy.

The T&Cs include the tenets and prospects of Eazybot. For the sake of due diligence, you may deem it fit to first read about the terms before hitting the sick button to know exactly what you are signing up for. There is no need to panic anyway.

After all these, you can click on the Register button which will redirect the browser to a page that allows you to log in as though you have been a user before now.

Step 4: Log in with the created account


Now your screen has moved from the registration page to the login page. Ensure you are logging in with the same email address and username that was used during the registration process.

And, as opposed to much information out there about Eazybot registration, you do not need an e-mail verification if the email being used is active and accessible.

Step 5: Customize the account

Eazybot user homepage dashboard

So that’s how you’ve set everything up, the next thing is to further customize your account. After logging in, navigate to your profile page and glance through your details to edit.

As you can see in the image below, you have the opportunity to customize your name, phone number, and other personal info. You will also view who your sponsor is (the person whose referral link you used to register), and then your referral link that you can send to someone.

Eazybot registration

Still, on customization, you can change the password as seen in the image below by simply clicking on “change password.” You will be required to put in your old password and then the new password. 

Step 6: Setup your account

You have been able to open a new account with Eazybot and customized it. Now you need to set it up such that it can function for automated trading.

The first thing you should be focused on is depositing the required amount needed to get the bot running such as your annual subscription (if you are not on the Free plan), and then the trading amount. I have explained in detail how you can deposit money into your Eazybot wallet in this recent guide HERE.

After making the deposit, you should also be concerned with binding the Eazybot with your exchange account so that it can begin to trade on your behalf once deployed.

Thankfully, it is a simple step. Since Binance is very popular exchange, I have developed this guide HERE that will hold your hand and walk you through the process of binding your Eazybot account with your exchange account.

As Eazybot begins to accumulate profit from trading, there comes a time when you’d want to withdraw funds from Eazybot. However, there are also intricacies attached to it.

Know more about how to withdraw from Eazybot, its withdrawal limit, and what you need to do to qualify for withdrawal in this article HERE.

How do I refer someone to Eazybot?

After successful registration on Eazybot, you may be interested in inviting friends and family to the platform. The good news is that Eazybot offers referral compensation in form of commission to users who bring in members.

This is one way you can leverage the MLM program, climb up the ladder, and build a massive web to establish passive income.

Navigate to the affiliate page on the Eazybot dashboard, which is where you will see your new referral link. You can then copy it to your clipboard and then share it with whoever you want to invite.

You can also click on ‘My organisation’ to see the number of people that have signed up using your referral link. This is empty because this account has not invited anyone yet.

Eazybot referral

When you add people to your organization through your link, you’re going to see the active members section and it’s going to have non-active members. From the illustration above, everybody’s non-active and we’ll have a number there most likely the first few are going to be on the first line and if it’s one there and you will see non-active members at the bottom over the one and it will be in blue.

Eazybot organization

If you click on that blue number you will see the name of the person that signed up. Just click on the number it and you will see the people. If you tap ‘Generations’, it allows you to click on each level that will show you how many non-active members are at level 2 for instance.

You click on that number, and then you’ll see the names of the people that are on your level 2. This is how the affiliate system is displayed on the backend of your dashboard.

EazyBot AI trading pros & cons beginners should know


The truth is that the EazyBot robot, and even AI trading bot in general, is not for everyone. To understand if the software is best for you as someone new to the software, you want to know the positive and negative aspects of using it.

On the brighter side, Eazybot is worth investing in mainly because of its Eazy 1-Click Strategy Settings, Customizable for Advanced Users, Automatically Compound Your Earnings, Perfect For Small Or Large Accounts, 24/7 Automated Trading, allows you to get started for free.

However, we all know that the use of the bot is affected by the challenge of programming errors. While robots are more efficient for crypto asset trading, they are not always referred to since simple mistakes can result in a significant loss (which, fortunately, can be curtailed).

It won’t be right to also ignore the widespread claims that the system of EazyBot, particularly its MLM plan, does not beat the drum of genuineness to investors who like to always play it safe.

This has always been a problem or accusation placed on many thriving bots that present an affiliate revenue pool, and it is fortunately not a new allegation that we can’t bank on.


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