Eazybot customer service review

EazyBot Customer Service and Community Support Review

Today, the crypto ecosystem has hundreds of crypto trading robots to aid automated trading through binding with exchanges, each offering unique features to obtain more traders to their platform. 

Crypto investors have more choices than ever when it comes to the bots they want to use to automatically trade their crypto currencies

Eazybot is one of this AI software. The robot promises low transaction fees, a better user experience, and a wide range of features. However, before investing in Eazybot, it is imperative that you know how good their customer services and community support are. This is because the latter is a crucial difference that gives a crypto trading bot the upper hand. 

In this post, we are going to assess the various customer service that Eazybot claims it offers to its new and existing users, to examine how effective it is compared to the ones offered in competing products.

What are the types of Eazybot user support available?

A good place to begin is identifying the various customer services and community support available to new and existing users of the bot, how to access them, and their qualifications or limitations.

One of the salient values that the owners of Eazybot have reiterated ever since its launch is that they want to make sure everyone using the bot is taken care of. To actualize this, Eazybot introduced a ticketing system. 

As of today, we’ll be going through a ticketing system at support@easybot.comThere are three major channels through which Eazybot guarantees all-around support and accountability to new and existing users. 

In other words, you can reach out to the owners of the bot for questions and clarifications through the following means:

1. Through email (support@easybot.com)

2. General support calls

3. Telegram chats

Through email

If you are new to Eazybot or even an existing user of the software, your first means of support is offered through the company’s very responsive email – support@easybot.com.

If you have any issues, you can always get in touch with assistance from Eazybot through the official email before any other source. However, beware that many imposters send scrupulous emails under the pretext of being customer support.

This happens with other crypto entities, as well, because fraudulent activities have saturated the market. However, you can always decern a scam email by looking at the e-mail address to see if it is the same as Eazybot’s official email.

General support calls

Another way you can reach out to Eazybot for queries, help, or explanations is through support calls. Eazybot organizes general support calls from Monday to Friday, 11:00 AM Eastern on each of the days. 

This is a general support call for everyone in the world to participate in and ask their questions. The major advantage of this support line is that the feedback is instant as you will be in a video conference with the developers and top Eazybot users who will reply to your questions or observations immediately. 

Also, you can see and hear from them that they are real people like you making effortless profits from the Eazybot crypto trading robot.

However, your access to certain types of support calls depends on the package on which you are running Eazybot. Some subscription plans offer more group support calls than others (more on this shortly)

Telegram chats

The third major means of support for Eazybot users is the Telegram chats. Telegram is an instant messaging service. The platform provides optional end-to-end encrypted chats and video calling, file sharing, and several other features. 

Eazybot has its chat in the telegram where a lot of people are asking questions and many answers are already being put forth there. Joining the group is like a cohort where you are exposed to myriads of discussions, Q&As, strategy tips, and projections as an Eazybot user.

The people that you know as your up-lines use your uplines first and then if you don’t get the answers to use support@easybot.com which is discussed earlier.

In addition to these support channels, Eazybot has hinted in one of its group video support calls that it is working on establishing a knowledge base where users, especially new users of the bot, will be exposed to a plethora of questions and their respective helpful answers. 

In other words, all of the questions and observations that’s been posed to them already on all the calls in the past are put into this knowledge base for the benefit of new users.

Do the packages on Eazybot determine my access to these support lines?

Yes. The different membership plan of Eazybot comes with distinguishing benefits and features, part of which determines the level of access you get to some of these support lines. EazyBot membership is available at three price points:

Eazybot customer service review

Free: for registration which comes at no cost. Here, you have access to the Group Support Calls & Training Guides, as well as Tutorials Professional Marketing App to earn As An Affiliate. You also have the opportunity to trade two coins on one exchange, say Binance and 1-Click Strategy Set Up.

Novice: which cost $250 annually, allowing you access to the Group Support Calls & Training Guides, as well as Tutorials Professional Marketing App to earn As An Affiliate. What makes it better than the free plan is that you can trade up to ten coins on up to two exchanges.

Pro VIP: this cost $995 annually, allowing you access to Tutorials & Training, the 1-Click Strategy Set Up, the Professional Marketing App, the opportunity to Earn As An Affiliate, and Private 1-1 Support Calls. Also, this package allows you to trade any approved coins on up to five exchanges. 


The features of a cryptocurrency trading robot play a role in attracting the consumer but top customer experience and community support keeps the customer. 

In my years of amassing a fortune with automated trading, I have realized that new users are likely to abandon a bot because of poor customer support. It is as though Eazybot understand the importance of this that is why they prioritize the availability of 24/8 customer support through these various support lines discussed above. 

It explains why the majority of Eazybot users are even willing to pay more for the bot instead of getting it elsewhere where the support service is nothing to write home about.

Once you get started on Eazybot, you’re going to be added to a group chat filled with a whole bunch of investors like me which doubles as proof to show you that we’re all making money together. 

Easy does it!

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