Eazy Bot || Overview On How The EazyBot Actually Works || Commission Payout For Affiliates


Let’s call easybot is due to launch for trading on the 16th of uh march, depending on where you are in the world. It might be the 17th, but we have the date slated as the 16th of march, so you are seeing something that isn’t live. It isn’t in production, yet the development team is putting some final touches on it, but i want to take you into and show you how beautiful this platform is. This is what it will look like when you’re using easybot all right.

 So when we jump in here, i’m going to take you right into the box and go to bot management and let’s jump right into box. So as you can see, please fund your wallet to continue uninterrupted trading, so we don’t have any funds. This is the development side, so we don’t have any funds in this account, but that gives you an idea of a warning that will pop up.

 If you don’t have enough funds in your account. So let me talk about what what that means and why you’re seeing that warning so the way easybot works is it will trade for you 247..

 However, uh, when you do, when you do close on it on a winning trade when easybot closes on a trade, you are going to give it either 20 or 30 depending on your subscription level. So if you’re a free user, we give easy bot 30. If you’re an advanced or vip user, it’s percent every time, easybot closes on a trade if it makes you ten dollars and you’re a free user, we’re going to give it three dollars if you’re an advanced or vip user, we’re only gon na have to give it Two dollars, so we need to have funds in a separate wallet in easybot that it can pull those fees from. We call this a software service fee.

 It’S the service, it’s the fee that we pay to the software for the service, it’s providing for us and we need to pre-pay those fees. We set it up in a wallet separate from your exchange account because easybot doesn’t have access to pull any funds from your exchange, so we put it in this separate wallet. In fact, let me jump over here.

 You see my wallet so when you get to my wallet, you’ll notice, uh, some of the some of the terminologies here will change, but there are actually a couple of different wallets. You can look at all your wallets. You can look at the wallet that holds your service fees uh again. Some of these naming naming structures will change.

 Self-Funding, commission distribution, commission level, so we have different wallets. One of those wallets will be the service fee, so we’re going to pre-load funds into that service fee wallet, and that is where easybot will pull that 20 or 30. Every time it closes on a trade on your behalf, uh some other wallets will deal with uh with other other aspects that we’ll talk about a little bit later. So i’m going to go back to where we actually set up the box where the magic happens.

 So once you’ve got an easy about subscription, if you’re a free user, you have access to set up two bots and, as you go up in the subscription levels, you get access to more box. Once you open up to start setting up about one thing that you’re not going to see here, that will be in the final production at launch. Is that one click trading strategy? So you don’t see that button selector here just yet, but that will be part of our setup and our setting when we get launched all right.

 So a couple of things i’ll just run through all of these different pieces with you here and we can come back and take any questions uh if it goes over your head, if you’re brand new to crypto or brand new to trading, please don’t feel like you Need to understand all the different things that i’m going to go through with you, because the purpose of that one click strategy setup is that you don’t need to know any of this. It’S going to pre-fill all the parameters that you need to have in order for you to start successfully trading, but because we’re in pre-launch – and there are a lot of you that have questions about what makes easybot so special or do want to run through it. With you and we’re very, very proud of this user interface, the way it looks, we oh by the way uh there is the ability to change this right now, we’re in night mode or dark mode, and we do have the ability to switch between light and dark Mode beautiful either way all right, let’s keep it in light mode right.

 So the first thing you can do here because you can trade, multiple bots, you might want a title or you will need to actually title each of the bots that you’re trading. So, for example, we might come in here and call this test one and we’ll date it it’s the fourth, where i am 3, 4. 20.

 22.. You can name it anything! You want whatever makes sense to you. So if you’re doing uh, let’s say test one xrp, we’re trading xrp, all right, so we’re going to name it.

 Here’S one thing: that’s cool about easybot is that you can actually trade the same coin in multiple bots. So i can test xrp and the preset strategy, or i can test i and excuse me. I can run xrp in a totally different strategy, so i can run the same coin side by side in two different strategies, all right. The other thing that we’re going to do is choose an exchange.

 We will have the ability for you to choose multiple exchanges. So in that scenario that i just gave you where we are, we might be testing xrp on one on two different strategies. We could also test it in two different exchanges: all right coin selection.

 I know a lot of you have asked the question about what coins are available in easybot uh. Well, there you go, we’ve got um, there are 21 coins that will be available uh on binance. Those 21 coins are programmed. We may have a little bit of a different selection in different exchanges, but as of right now, what’s ready to go: bitcoin finance coin, ethereum, solana, ave trx, tron coin xrp, ada, bot, doge, ltc, uni, luna, bch, etc, link matic, xlm and xmr.

 Those are all ready and available for you all right, so the bot option when we get down here you have the option between cycle and single the cycle strategy. It simply means that easybot’s going to open and close a trade automatically over and over and over and over and over again until you choose to stop it. If you put it in single strategy, uh, probably something that our day traders and our scalpers are going to use more often, that means that easybot’s going to open and close the trade and wait for you for further instruction.

 It won’t keep trading all right status, uh, pretty straightforward, active or inactive, and the balance balance is a pretty important feature here. This is how much you are giving to easybot to trade for you now. It’S important to know that the minimum required amount to successfully use the one-click trading strategy is 600.

 That strategy is designed to work with no less than six hundred dollars. So if you give easybot less than six hundred dollars you’re on your own, so you need a minimum of 600. It will work with less but you’ve been warned it’s designed to need at least 600 for it to trade successfully using that strategy and here’s.

 Why what we know about the cryptocurrency markets is that it’s extraordinarily volatile and if you paid attention to what happened last year in 2021, we saw multiple occasions where there were drops of over 50. Now, if you’re in the market and you’re trading, you want to be prepared to continue to successfully make profit and close trades even in a 50 percent, greater drop and that’s exactly what easybot’s been designed to do. Even in a significant downturn, 50 or more easybot will still open and close trades successfully for you, so minimum required amount recommended amount.

 600. You can trade as much as you like so you’re, going to choose how much you want to allocate to this particular bot. Here’S something else, that’s really important as we’re talking about balance. So, let’s assume that you’re trading multiple coins, easybot, if you see here, is uh it’s going to be able to show you your exchange balance.

 Now, let’s say we have a couple other bots that are running. Let’S pick a round number, for example, and say: we’ve got two thousand dollars in our exchange account and we’re already spending 15. Let’S say we’re already spending a thousand dollars in our in whatever other setup. We have maybe we’re trading another bot and we have a thousand dollars allocated to it.

 Well, if we wanted to trade two more bots – and this was our third – then if we were, if we were setting this up – to use more funds than what were what was in our total exchange, we’re going to get a warning ezybot’s not going to stop you From doing it, but it will warn you and it will tell you you are over extending yourself. You are setting me up to potentially have you in a situation where you’re going to run out of money and this strategy, setting that we have for you might not work out. So you won’t be able to.

 You won’t be flying blind when you’re setting up your balance. That’S the that’s the short story, all right, your initial order. Again, if you are using the one-click strategy setting this initial order, will fill in for you. The balance is something that you will need to choose manually and everything else in this section in the box to your left.

 You’Ll need to choose manually as well, but your initial order is a preset set uh, a preset setting if you’re, using the one-click trading strategy. Now, if you’re an advanced user, there are some things that you’re absolutely going to love about easybot, and the initial order will be something that you can choose for yourself. The initial order, essentially, is: how much are you going to open this trade with and for each trade we’re going to we’re going to ask easybot to start this trade with a certain dollar amount? The minimum amount that an exchange will accept is ten dollars so with easybot we generally start these initial orders with no less than twenty dollars when you’re using the one-click trading strategy. That’S currently programmed now, the button right below it initiate immediately is going to be checked when you’re using the one-click trading strategy.

 However, for our advanced users, you can uncheck that, and that opens up two more boxes for you again. These aren’t part of our one click strategy, but for our advanced users, you may absolutely love this feature. What it does for you is price after x percentage.

 What does that mean? Essentially, what that means is that, after easy bot closes a trade, you can tell it wait until there is a drop in this case. If we use this number, we’re telling easy about wait until there’s a drop in this coin of one and a half percent before you go back into another trade, look for a one and a half percent drop and then the pullback says i want there to be A one and a half percent drop and then i want there to be a half a percent increase in the price when those two things happen. That’S when i want to go back in so you have it that’s an absolutely fantastic piece of uh or uh.

 That’S an absolutely fantastic customizable setting for our more advanced traders, you’re going to love that one thing – that’s not here that you will see in the final production at launch of easybot is a button that allows you to turn on and off automatic compounding now automatic. Compounding is a feature that we absolutely love. I talked about it just a moment ago. Basically, what it does is.

 It takes all the profit that easybot makes and puts that back into the total pool and adjusts your initial order, meaning that you’re using the funds you’re using the profit that easybot makes for you immediately and it’s automatically compounding all the new money. All the new crypto that you’re earning and using it to earn you more new crypto, all right, so jumping down a little bit further uh. We have our take profit section. You can set your take profit ratio.

 So what we’re looking at here is: how much do we want this particular coin to go up before we close the trade right now it’s set at one and a half percent, which means that if we go into a position we want one and a half percent Profit now, if you’re new to crypto or new, to crypto trading, that might not sound like a lot. But i want you to appreciate the easy botch running 24 hours a day seven days a week. It is constantly looking for just small increments of profit, and it’s closing it for you without any input or any interaction from you now. The profit retracement is a really cool feature, because what it does is it allows you to actually capture more than the one and a half percent that you see in the take profit.

 The way that works is what take profit is saying the easy about. When we see one and a half percent profit from this trade position, we want you to stand by don’t close this trade just yet. We want to wait until there is a retracement, so there’s a little bit of a drop of a half a percent and of course both of these numbers can be changed, but we want it. We want there to be a little bit of a drop so that we have captured as much profit as possible, but once it starts to go the other way, let’s go ahead and close this trade and take our profit all right.

 So now the take profit independent. What’S the difference between take profit average and take profit independent, so i’m going to come back to the to this. Take profit independent in just a second and i’m going to tell you what we mean by average. So in easybot we have we’re the way this is going to work is you’re going to open and a trade, a trade with an initial position that initial position uh for those of you who are more technical, is 3.

3 of whatever the total amount is that you’ve Put in the balance right here so once we’ve opened the trade, let’s say: we’ve opened it in this case with 20.. Well, one of two things is going to happen: value is going to go up or the value is going to go down. The value goes up enough to cover that one and a half percent, plus the retracement, we’re going to close the trade we’re going to take profit easy by if you’re compounding it’s going to use that new money and get you right back into a new trading position.

 Now, if it goes the other way which it often does in crypto, which is why crypto trading is hard and why easybot is so special if it goes down, then what’s going to happen is easybot is going to buy additional positions. What we call that in easybody is a cover, we’re going to buy or we’re going to cover the initial position by buying more positions. So i like to tell the story of by going out buying a pair of shoes.

 You paid a hundred dollars for this pair of shoes, you absolutely loved it. Maybe you thought about selling it for a profit, but then, the next day a friend called you and told you that you saw the same pair of shoes on sale for fifty dollars. Literally half what you paid for it, so you went out and bought the pair of shoes for fifty dollars.

 So now you have a pair that you paid 100 and the pair that you paid 50.. So your average cost of those two pairs of shoes is now 75.

 So in order to make profit, when you sell these two pairs of shoes, you would have. If you only had the one pair, the hundred dollar pair, you would have had to make more than a hundred dollars, but because you now have an average cost between the two. You only have to make more than 75 dollars in order to make profit. So very similar concept than what a cover does in easybot.

 We bought an initial position when the when the coin value drops we’re going to buy an additional position at the lower price, lowering our average cost and we’ll continue to do that. Easybot will continue to do that for you again without any input or interaction needed from you and really what we love about easybot is that it it relishes in the drop in the market. You know a lot of times when we think about how we make money. We think we need to always be buying low and selling high, and eventually we certainly do, but we actually make more money when the market’s going down because of how sophisticated easybot is at looking at the market.

 It does that every single second looks at the market. Reads the market can make a decision about buying or selling on your behalf, so it’s going to buy additional positions. These positions here in blue represent what we’re talking about here when we say take profit average.

 All of these positions, the initial position, plus these additional – covers one two and three: all we are gon na average, easy about it’s gon na average those positions and then the profit that it’s looking for is one and a half percent or whatever number you have in There of that average position, so in the case of the shoes, it’s gon na take the hundred dollar pair of shoes and the seventy-five dollar pair of shoes and if they bought more shoes at lower prices to take average of those pairs of shoes, then look for The one and a half percent profit with the retracement to close the trade. Now what happens if it keeps going past? These three covers well, these that are not in blue they’re, not part of that average trade. These are considered independent trades and that’s what we are talking about over here so right now we have three independent trades positions.

 Four five and six are independent. What that means is that if we contin the price of the coin continues to drop, easybot is going to open these as independent positions. So, in the case of shoes, for example, we bought the shoes at 100.

 We bought one at 50. We bought one at 45 40., but then it dropped all the way to 30 in our and we bought that as an independent position.

 It’S not part of our average cost of the other shoes we bought it independently and we’re going to sell it independently. So we bought a pair of shoes at 35 and if we can sell it at 36 or let’s say 38 dollars, we made three dollars in profit. We’Re going to take that profit and we’re not going to close the entire trade. Yet because our total average cost is higher than what we just bought and sold, but we’re going to take that three dollars in profit.

 We bought it 35 closed at 38.. Now in easybot, here’s how this works – and this is absolutely incredible – super super special.

 So, let’s, let’s simplify our shoe example and go back to the hundred dollars and the 50 pair shoes for an average cost of 75.. Now, let’s say we bought a pair of shoes that that, let’s go back and say we bought a pair independent position bought at 35 and we sold it 38.

 So now there’s three dollars in profit: here’s what easybot is going to do with that three dollars in profit. It’S gon na take a dollar. Fifty, it’s gon na put it right into your exchange, account profit! You get to keep the other dollar fifty it’s gon na. Take it and apply it to the seventy five dollars.

 So now your average position price becomes 73.50. Well, that’s powerful, because the more that happens, the lower and lower your average position price is going to become and the easier and easier it’s going to be.

 For you to close this trade in profit, because you no longer need to get to 75 that dollar 50 lowered it to 73.50. So now our target is lower and lower, and so as the market’s dropping, as we see happen so often in crypto, we know it doesn’t happen in a straight line. It generally happens with some movement up and down, and so, as that’s happening, easybot’s opening and closing these independent positions and taking that profit and helping reduce the average of your trade, reduce the cost or the position of your average.

 On your initial position – and your first three covers so, your take profit on your independent positions can also be set for each of these independent positions, plus guess what we can open as many of these as you like, we can just keep going and we can get Rid of them when we don’t want them all right, so the independent positions are so absolutely amazing, not only because they’re making you money in a down market, but they’re, also helping to close a trade that you might have bought in a much higher position than where The market currently is functioning or is currently holding all right. One other thing that you should know that is really very special again for our advanced traders is right. Now what you see is after x, cover what this means and some of this language again will change. But what this means is that you see that there these three are in blue.

 I already told you that means that those are all part of the average trade. Well, guess what we can do we can change that so that only these next, these first two covers are part of the average trade we can change it so that the only the first cover is part of the average trade, and we can take it such that Every single position operates independently. We can go the other way and make the first nine positions part of the average trade.

 So a lot of flexibility here we can set our take profit and our profit retracement, just like we did in the average trade again settings for our advanced users. If this feels like it’s a little overwhelming or over your head, you don’t have to know any of these things that i just went through. This is just an example of how easy bot works again, a lot of data here, if you’re new, to to crypto trading. You don’t need to keep up with any of this, but i do want to answer the i do want to answer or address the question about buying in a market.

 That’S dropping so keep in mind. We talked about what an initial buy and a cover is so, hopefully everybody on the call recognizes those terminologies. You got an initial buy that happened here. It happened on the 9th of february.

 At 202 pm we started that initial buy at a price of 90 cents. Okay, now, let’s look at i’m going to tell you, take you all the way to the end of this trade when it closes? We close this trade on the 12th so about two and a half days later, we close this trade at 84 cents in profit 2.55.

 In profit, total profit, 5 and 12 cents, how do we close a trade six cents lower and make two dollars and 55 cents doing so that is the magic of buying and selling even in a market? That’S dropping watch what happens here. We bought it 90 cents. We bought it. 83.

 82. 81. 80.

. This thing only goes down goes down to 79, 78. 76, because 76 is the lowest point we saw in this trade and it came back up to 80 82 and we closed at 84 cents.

 What you see happening here in the profit loss column – and you see all of these trades making small profit what’s reflected here – is only 50 of the profit that was made when it this independent position was sold. You see all these independent positions being sold. 50 of that profit, half of the profit made in that independent cover went to reducing the average position price of our initial trade and therefore we’re able to close six cents lower in great profit.

 So that’s kind of a visual example of how easy buy continues to work trading for you, even in the market. That’S going down all right here. Advanced package pays 100.

25 to your sponsor. Vip package pays 398.99 to your sponsor.

 Now. The software service fees amazing, very, very simple: the person love we have the opportunity to earn through 20 levels. When you introduce easybot to just one person, it opens up the ability for you to earn on your first level.

 Your first level is everybody that you personally introduce that you personally sponsor your second level is everybody they sponsor and so forth. So once you’ve introduced your first person, you can earn off of them and everybody that they introduce. What you’re earning is eight percent of the percentage that easybot takes, so, if he’s of the 30 or 20 you’re getting eight percent of that and you’re also getting eight percent of all of those folks on your second level now, once you’ve introduced, two active two people That are active.

 What we consider active is they are trading with at least six hundred dollars once you’ve had once you have two active directs. It opens up two more levels. Now you can get paid through levels. Four now maybe you aren’t building a big team, but somebody in your organization is – and so you have now have access and you’re, also earning eight percent on the folks on level three and four and so forth level.

 Five up to level five pays. You eight percent, as well, so to get to level five and six. You need three people that you’ve personally introduced sponsored into easybot, guys, the top of the pay plan, the top to access the top of the pay plan. You need to have introduced a total of just 10 active subscribers to easy buy even better than that is you.

 Can you can access this pay plan, this compensation plan, even as a free subscriber? So, even if you didn’t subscribe yourself, you can still go out and share easybot with others, and every one of these uh commissions is available to you. So you can choose to build a team. While you’re trading, you can choose to build a team even if you’re, not trading, all right um after the fifth level, you get paid one percent all the way down to your to level 18 and then a half a percent on levels, uh, 19 and 20.

. I don’t want to get into what these numbers look like, but i will tell you that, based on the based on what we’ve uh, what we’ve calculated uh, we know that there will be people in easybot that will earn six and seven figures per month. Obviously, you have to put in a little bit of work there, but we know what’s possible and i encourage you to really seriously consider whether it makes sense to start to plan to share easybot with others and accelerate your earnings, because you can take the money that You’Re earning by sharing easybot give it back to easybot to trade for you and now we’re really cooking and we’re really growing passive income. For you now listen.

 I want to talk about something, that’s happening, and it’s only happening for a short time, and that is oh by the way before i do that. Let’S talk about the matching bonus uh, the matching bonus means that, on your level, one and level, two you’re getting a check match to that person’s earnings. So, for example, i’m not much of a builder myself, but i introduced john who is and john goes to work.

 He builds a huge team he’s at the point where he’s making a hundred thousand dollars a month. I get a matching bonus of eight percent. What’S eight percent of a hundred dollars of a hundred thousand dollars, somebody tell me that what’s that math, i’m just trying to wake up eight thousand bucks a month.

 Thank you. John goes out. He’S built a big team, i’m not a builder! I wasn’t really interested in a compensation plan, but i just happened to know john.

 I thought this was great for him. So, what’s beautiful about this is there’s no requirement that you have to meet to make that eight thousand dollars a month, you’ve introduced john and immediately everybody that you’ve introduced on your level, one you’re getting an eight percent check match on your level, two you’re getting a Three percent check match so some of you guys on the call, you’re huge builders – and you know huge people that are built – that build big teams. That’S going to absolutely be fantastic for you for those of you who don’t see yourself in that light. Don’T sell yourself short because you never know, but if you’re going to focus on other things and you’re not planning on building a team.

 But you are going to introduce a couple of folks if one of them just takes off and they start making really great money. You know that these are here for you and you don’t need to do anything further to qualify to access them super powerful, all right. So the one thing that i want everybody on the call to know about is something called founders club.

 It is only available to the first 1 000 people that qualify. The qualifications are very, very simple, introduce three people to easybot that are on an advanced package at a minimum 250 subscription level. They must be trading with at least 600. That’S your first qualification.

 You’Ve got those three people in place. The next thing you need to do is take those three people and help them duplicate. What you just did help those three people introduce three people that are also at least on the advanced package.

 250, subscription and trading with at least 600 once you’ve accomplished that, if you do that as one of the first 1 000 people, you will have qualified for a founder’s club, now founders club is going to pay you forever as a part of a pool that is Percent of all the revenue generated by easy buy. Now we have some pretty big targets that we know that we can achieve, and we know that this monthly income bonus alone is going to be enough to retire some of the folks that participate here. So we think it’s a huge opportunity that you should not miss it’s a super super low barrier for you to qualify for oh last, recommend last requirement by the way is you must have in order to qualify yourself a vip package.

 You must be on that vip subscription package now keep in mind if you’re pursuing this you’re signing folks up that are paying you a commission, okay, so you’re. If you’re, if you’re signing folks up that, are buying an advanced package, you’re getting 40 100 uh you’re. Getting a hundred dollars for each of those people that you’ve signed up directly and if you’re signing up folks on the on the vip package. Hopefully you are because they’re also pursuing founders club you’re earning 398 on each of those.

 That would be the path i would take. I’D look for other folks who are really serious when i go out founders club that way, i’ve earned more money than my own subscription package cost me, so it essentially cost me nothing and that’s your final qualification for founders club. It gives you five percent access to a pool that represents five percent of all the revenue earned from all the different areas that easybot earns money, subscription package sales and trading and software service fees, and there’s only a thousand people sharing in that pool forever. So don’t sleep on that, make sure that you take advantage of it and get yourself qualified all right.

 A couple questions popped up in the chat, um lilly5 says it 20 includes auto, compounding no does not uh, but good question that is before auto, compounding and met by ai affiliates. Okay, i’m not sure what that means. Uh catherine fees are yelling.

 Yes, the subscription the software subscription is an annual fee paid every year, all right, quick stuff. Any other questions i see jean you are up first come on in with your question good evening. Good evening burger, i heard uh i’ve been invited by oyo is a haitian guys and the ceo.

 I see your presentation, i have so uh, so many questions all right firewall and i don’t know if i’m gon na have time for all of them. We’Ll start with the first one, you said that that the bot will close, they trade, the profitable trade and the one is negative. They will not close it correct and but how long it will keep it, because if the market can uh keep going against the boat for how long he will keep the loss, do you think that is a good strategy, because he can blow the account uh? It will never blow the account because uh, if you follow our settings well, i shouldn’t say: it’ll never blow the account. If you follow our preset one click trading strategy we will have, you will have budgeted enough, such that even in a market, that’s dropping.

 50. 60. 70 there’s enough funds allocated to easybot, because, for example, when we, if you remember when i said that in this example, when we had the thousand dollars as our budget for this trade, we’re not using that entire thousand dollars we’re open opening this trade with 3.

3 percent Of the total balance that you’ve given it, so in that case it would be 33 dollars, so the rest of those funds are sitting in standby waiting for the market to go in in away from you and use those funds to buy additional positions. Now your question about whether or not you can blow your account. This is really where the beauty of those independent covers that i just talked about, because what you sounds like you know a little bit about trading, so what you know happens is when the market’s dropping it’s not just going down it’s going down and up even a Little bit, in fact, the average coin moves between one and five percent every single day, multiple times a day, that’s generally, where it lives, even as it’s going down, and so in that movement easybot’s, picking up additional positions when it drops and it’s selling them off we’re Only looking for small amount of movement – and so we know that every time it sells those independent positions, it’s reducing your average cost. So maybe you bought way high in the market compared to where it is today, but the more the market drops, the more activity is happening in easybot, the more it’s taking profit, reducing your average position price and eventually it will close that trade and also you’re talking About the exchanges which exchanges your boat can upset, if i would like to know if every exchanges, because uh it’s uh, when we launch on the 16th uh easybot, will be ready to trade with finance and we are currently in the process of programming coinbase pro.

 If anything changes we’ll we’ll make that announcement, but at this moment uh binance is programmed and coinbase pro is in progress. We are going to add additional exchanges, uh kraken quavi and some other exchanges that are will provide, which exchanges the person can choose and then, according to the country, the person is exactly okay, okay and use. How many umbra do you have because the way you you sound, it sounds like you have a lot.

 How many bots do we have? Is that your question? Yes um? If i understand the question uh, you have access to trade as many coins as our current part. As are available in easybot, if you have our vip package, if you have our free package, you can trade two bots at a time if you have our advanced package and i’m drawing a blank, but i believe it’s it’s uh 10 coins. That might correct me. If i’m wrong um and then, if you have our advanced package, you can trade all the coins that are available in easybot at launch, we’ll have 21 coins available.

 We will add additional coins as we get going. Oh you. If i understand well you i asked you how many booths now you explained to me how many coins well each coin is being traded by a bot.

 So when you’re asking me how many bots there’s there is easy bot, you have an easybot account in that easybot account. You can set up one bot or you can set up multiple bots that are running simultaneously for you and, depending on the package that you’re subscribed to will determine how many bots you have access to trade simultaneously, that’s mean you’re talking about 600 dollars. That’S when the 600 dollars is the required the minimum requirement for each bot.

 He found this thing. Well, yes, if you’re using our one-click strategy, that is the minimum recommended amount to successfully use that strategy. Okay in your presentation, i see that you gave the customer or the client a possibility to make some adjustment yeah and uh do.

 Do you think that is a good idea, because if i don’t know exactly what i’m doing, if i don’t know what i’m doing and then i i went to the system and playing on it and then i put a set, that’s not fit or probably well. Do you think that will not blow my account? I think that’s possible and i think that’s part of what makes easybot special yeah. It’S really a great question. It’S part of what sets easybot, apart from just about every other bot on the market, in that, if you go anywhere else and you want to use a bot to trade with you’ve got to figure out how to set that bot up and you’ve got to know Enough to be able to set it up to successfully trade and not blow your account in easybot, you we’re going to give you the option to either use a strategy strategy.

 That’S proven, or we respect the fact that there are advanced traders that are confident in their own strategies and this tool will help them accelerate that strategy. So we don’t want to close any. We don’t want to lock anybody out from using this amazing platform. It’S up to you you’re the you’re, the investor.

 If you want to invest in crypto, we’re going to give you a tool to help you be successful, doing it, but you’ve got to make smart decisions. We just want to make it easier for you to do so. Oh that’s mean we’re going to have a a preset, a default, a default set if the customer want to just go by the default.

 But if he, if that person, has knowledge using those this kind of system, that person can make uh adjustment according to his knowledge. But 100 your system has a different one for the amateur. You got it: yes, okay, okay, why? Why you? Your your lunch will be in dubai, because dubai is a beautiful, uh country, but he has a bad reputation of skymers.

 Why, over there uh? Well, i don’t know that dubai has a worse reputation than any other country for crypto scammers. I think china has the worst reputation uh for scams and crypto, but i don’t. I don’t think we need to talk about scams.

 We are totally transparent with the software, but, most importantly, the designer owner and founder of this product and in this uh and this, and this and the strategy behind the product actually lives here in dubai, and so it makes sense that the company is registered. There is a physical office that you can. You can visit here in dubai, and so that’s really the number one reason why easybot is registered as a uh as an entity in dubai, united arab emirates.

 How long have been you in business in that kind of business? Uh easybot has not launched yet so the license has been active for a few months and the product has not even been launched yet we’re in pre-launch. Now you you, as a ceo, have been no i’m not a. I i’m, not a ceo.

 If you decide that you’d like to use easybot, you and i will be just alike – will be users, and if you decide you want to share it with others, we’ll be able to do that and earn from sharing with others. But everybody on this call has exact same access. You have you can buy a license or you can get one for free and trade with easy buy. All of us will be equal in that respect.

 Oh, okay, okay, okay. That sounds good. That sounds good thanks.

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