Easybot MLM referral earning system

EasyBot MLM Referral Earning – The Ultimate Guide

Do you know that you can amass a fortune by building a web of referrals into Easybot crypto trading bot? – even more than the revenue derived from automated trading profits

If you use Easybot crypto trading bot for automated trading, chances are that you have considered referring your family and friends to also take advantage of the AI tool. The good news is that Easybot pays you for bringing new users! Read on to find out more.

The Easybot Multi Level Marketing (MLM) compensation plan is one of the most prominent reasons behind the cryptocurrency trading bot’s popularity. Aside from helping crypto investors with automated trading to maximize profit, the AI software provides heavy commission on referring and building downline.

However, many people who are new to Easybot will be quick to conclude that Easybot MLM referral earning is only for those who have flair for network marketing. That is not true. You can amass a fortune from leveraging the MLM plan than the revenue generated from the automated trading service.

This guide has been developed to show you how you can scale as a new Easybot user from scratch to the highest hierarchy of the plan with all the information you need to stay at the edge. To begin with, what is the MLM referral earning system?

What is Easybot MLM referral earning system?

The Easy bot MLM referral earning system is another earning stream with the use of the Easybot trading bot that allows users to earn commission from referring new users. 

So, for many people new to Easybot and asking “Can I refer people to Eazybot and earn?,” the answer is Yes, you can. Once you register to the bot, the software generates a referral code for you that can be accessed under the settings or subscription page. 

This referral code can be shared with friends. Their first-time sign-up earns them a one-month free payment and you, as the person who brought in the new user, receive a one-month subscription.

The compensation system is divided into ranks, hierarchy and levels. The more you invite new users to use the AI tool – and the more new users those invitees bring into the bot, the higher your rank. Each rank, in the order of its hierarchy, attracts heavier remuneration.

A referral compensation plan is not a new thing in crypto bot innovation. Most competent crypto bots like Easybot out there also have an MLM plan. When you subscribe for the paid version of a legit cryptocurrency trading bot, it would be considered that you are missing out on a lot of earning possibilities if you ignore exploring the referral commission of the product.

Ranks in EazyBot’s Compensation Plan, Qualification criteria & Commissions value

The MLM side of EazyBot pays for the recruitment of affiliate subscription fees and commissions/bonuses are paid in USDT.

There are twelve ranks within EazyBot’s compensation plan and each rank has its respective qualification criteria and commission value:

Eazybot affiliate ranks

AffiliateSign up as an EazyBot affiliate 
Affiliate CoachRecruit three Affiliates who each invest at least $600 with the botM1 Coach – recruit and maintain one Affiliate Coach
M2 Coach – recruit and maintain two Affiliate Coaches
Super AffiliateRecruit and maintain three Affiliate CoachesM1 Super Affiliate – recruit and maintain one Super Affiliate
M2 Super Affiliate – recruit and maintain two Super Affiliates
M3 Super Affiliate – recruit and maintain three Super Affiliates
M3 Super Affiliate – recruit and maintain four Super Affiliates
M5 Super Affiliate – recruit and maintain five Super Affiliates
Champion AffiliateHave an M5 Super Affiliate in five separate downline legs Generate and maintain $500,000 in total downline bot investment volume
sourced from Eazybot promotional materials

Referral Commissions

Referral commissions in Easybot are paid down two levels of recruitment as follows:

Level 1 includes affiliates that were brought in by the user personally – 40%
Level 2 – 10%

Study the images below to understand the levels and sublevels of the Easybot referral commission:

Easybot MLM referral earning system

Easybot MLM referral earning system

Easybot MLM referral earning system

The Global Champions Revenue Pool, Global Crown Revenue Pool, and Founders Club are the zenith in the Easybot crypto MLM program. Users in the stage are carting home lots of money from referral bonuses. Let’s look at each other one after the other: 

Easybot MLM referral earning system

Is EasyBot Referal compensation plan worth it?

There are so many referral compensation plans for crypto services out there, some of which are not worth it because the commission and hierarchy are illusions created by promoters of the solution.

However, given the novelty of Easybot, it is easy to conclude that the trading bot’s MLM program is no different. It will take someone who is gaining abundantly from the system to prove to you as a new beginner that there is honey therein.

How profitable the Easybot referral MLM program will worth depends on some factors like how much money you are willing to invest, your passion for the services offered by Easybot trading software, and your conviction on its legitimacy.

Also, many crypto MLMs have been misconstrued as illegal pyramid schemes. In this article HERE, we were able to give an in-depth investigative analysis that revealed that the Easybot product is legit and its MLM plan isn’t a scam.

In summary in this view, Easybot MLM does not appear to be a scam because it offers a quality product or service and the company’s primary source of income is earned from sales of automated trading, and not solely from recruitment.

You can use these above conditions as a yardstick to determine if any crypto bot MLM program is a pyramid scheme or not. Meanwhile, you should not ignore the red flag when a bot company has a low-quality product or focus on getting paid per recruit.

In other words, one way you can be sure that the Easybot MLM program is legit, profitable and worthwhile is because the money of the company is primarily earned from the sales of the bot rather than the recruitment of new members.

So the end-game of the referral compensation levels is primarily for the benefit of the users as an avenue to earn by bringing friends and family into the program.

Pros and Cons of EasyBot MLM referral and compensation plan 

Legit MLM plans are like any other business. The only specifics is that you have spent time using Easybot, and now, you want to start earning from bonuses attached to referring others, and then a compounding passive income as those initial invitees bring in more new sign-ups.

However, if you are interested in exploring Easybot’s MLM program, consider the following before you get started:


1. Easybot company has a rich history of the compensation plan. By looking up YouTube Videos on the Easybot referral program, it is very easy to understand how money is made and the company’s recommendations and support for marketing the software to potential subscribers. Many Easybot users are cashing out from bonuses earned from invitations through their referral link and you can join the train too.

2. Allows you to carve a business of your own. Another factor that makes Easybot have an edge over most other crypto bots is that it allows you to have another business model you can depend on apart from profits from automated trading and compounding interest. 

3. Even if the referral campaign is a side hustle, you should know that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme and will require you to define your target market, reach out to your market, and make sales such that people use your referral code to sign up into Easybot

4. Passive income: If you are in the crypto trading business, it is high time you get to the stage where you acquire revenue automatically with minimal labour to earn or maintain. All you may need to do is to build a cohort to empirize your invitees, but as long as people sign up through your invite link, you get cool cash and have the potential to become a millionaire if you successfully build a web of referrals downline.


Factors like trust, brand value, and income aspects are the challenges that many Easybot juggernauts raging large profits have identified as inevitable in this business model. You should take note of some downside before going fully into the referral earning game.

1. Network marketing is not for everyone. Not everyone who uses Easybot is ready to put in the time, money, and participation in understanding the business model, especially when you are entirely new to MLM. 

2. In addition, earning big from referral commissions in Easybot takes time to grow to that level. You have to start with baby steps because those guys you see earning big from referrals did not have their income generated overnight. And so, part of it depends on your skills and convincing power.

3. I have been a benefactor of the Easybot referral compensation program and the revenue from this stream has made me live the life I dream of. However, in my years of experience, I can tell you for free that not every Customer will agree to the program or even the AI tool.

4. If the potential users are not crypto-oriented, it will be a difficult part to explain to them how Easybot automated trading bot will be helpful to them. “I don’t have time for it,” “No,” and “I already have a job” are some common words you will hear in this business model.

It’s a wrap

Passive income is now the newest trend for financial freedom. If you want to chill on the beach and watch your account swell, one of the ways you can achieve that is to find a way to earn with minimal effort. 

Fortunately, beyond automated trading, Easybot is offering users an opportunity to earn from referring others, and then passive income when these invitees bring in new users, and the chain goes on and on.

There are, in fact, many people who do not actively use Easybot for automated trading but are milking dollars by referring others. It is a sweet opportunity that you shouldn’t be sleeping on. In the above article, we have extensively deciphered the levels contained in the Easybot MLM program and how you can profit from it.

Easybot MLM referral compensation program is a legit path to passive income and financial freedom. But for greenhorns, it all begins with signing up HERE


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