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In this video, what we’re going to do we’re going to talk about easybot we’re going to talk about how to upgrade and activate your bot could not be more exciting we’re on the rip to the upside. I’M telling you great things are happening. This bot is absolutely amazing. I want to show you some of the things that we’ve got going on with it, we’ll talk about it all on the inside [, Music, ], hey folks, tim thomas here i could not be more excited to talk to you about the easy bot and how to Upgrade and activate your bot. It’S go time, as you view this video we’re getting ready here in the next few days.

Hopefully release coinbase pro and bynats.us. What i want you to do is go ahead. If you’re a free member or have not yet signed up guys, you might want to go ahead and let’s get in upgrade and get your bot ready to be activated. But you want to go ahead and get the bot funded uh and get your um, whatever exchange, whether it be coinbase pro or whether it be binance dot?

U s, whichever one you’re going to use or both of them, let’s get them funded. I’M going to show you how to do some of that in just a minute um, i’m going to run over here. Look at the bitcoin chart as we look at this thing. This thing is getting ready to run folks. I believe, of course, income disclaimer.

Nothing happens until you take action and a lot of it when you look left folks when you look left, i record this video uh bitcoin is sitting at 40 1400. I believe that over the next week, or so we’re going to run up to about 52 000. That’S what i believe and uh, hopefully it will happen. We see that the uh, the rsi is curling back up moving back up and we’re going to go for a run up to around, i believe 52 000 and we’ll go from there. The one thing excited about our easy bot: this easy bot.

Not only does it make money when the market goes up, but it makes the money when the market goes down and sideways. This is amazing. This thing is buying and selling left and right all over the place. Let me say that again, this thing makes money in an up and down market i mean buying and selling all over the place. If you want to sell demonstration of how the bot works and how it looks when it’s operating come to, one of our calls get on our our training calls on 7 pm and usually uh one of our team leaders, martin over russia, uh he’s over our team.

In russia he goes over, the bot shows how the thing works and how that bot is constantly 24 hours a day, seven days a week, buying and selling crypto currencies on our behalf selling ave luna. All these other polygon uh xrp. All of these other uh assets. This thing is constantly selling uh 24 hours a day, seven days a week better than forex folks, better than binary options going are the days that we’re looking at charts all day long time. Freedom is what this bot is doing for us and i’m telling you what you participate.

The bot will make you money without going into the affiliate plan, but if you saw that you want to tell a few people about this thing, the sky literally can be the limit. When you start looking at the compensation plan, folks, you will lose sleep overnight when you understand how powerful powerful this compensation plan – and it is absolutely robust – i’ve not seen anything like it. When you get an opportunity. What i want you to do, i want you to look at this full presentation, david. Our ceo ooo of the company gives an outstanding professional um presentation of what the bot can do for us and how it works.

How it operates incredible to me could not be more excited, then. I want you to come down here and look at the robust affiliate plan. Folks, the easy bot will reward you for sharing it with your family, your friends. Colleagues, if you don’t show it to your family or friends, we’ve got a marketing system. Folks, when you join our team, we’ll set you up with a page that looks just like this.

We’Ll set you up with a page come down here, you get started um. You click get started here. Our team leader, brian craig, will watch walk you through the process with your fifty percent done on how to get your easy buck. Brian and he’ll walk you through how to get uh set up our phone lebron’s, incredible so and uh get get in guys and, let’s start uh utilizing the bot here in the next few days. Let’S start referring a few people, if you want to again, if you don’t um, it will still make you money, but why not?

Why not share it with somebody now for those of y’all that are in with us um, we have a call. We we’re having a support, calls right now: 11 a.m. Eastern 11 a.m, eastern and also 7 p.

. Eastern 7, p,
M eastern, i always do a presentation. I want you to be a part of that presentation. Folks, look at that thing is powerful and want you to come and partner. Alongside of us, great things are happening and uh 2022 23 and the rest of our lives could be absolutely amazing.

With this software product, this software product, that’s going to trade, the cur the cryptocurrency market for us on autopilot 24 hour a day, seven days a week, all we do is get it started. One click strategy set up amazing. Let’S look at this video on how to upgrade and activate your bot and then i’m gon na i’m gon na get off the um. The call here, brent’s gon na, explain it for us uh get started, the link will be below the video and i could not be more excited to give you this information, how to upgrade and activate your bot bot subscription connecting to your crypto exchange and you’ll. Get to see just how easy it is to set this bot in motion and activate it.

It is practically one click strategy, so stay tuned. My friend as i’m about to show you how to transfer funds into your easybot wallet to pay for your subscription. You need to know how much that amount is so now is a good time to make a decision, and that decision is a simple one. It’S what level do you want to come in at free, advanced or the vip package? Here you can see a clearly defined comparison table we’ve put together to assist you in making that decision and let’s hone in on some of the key features and benefits here that you may want to consider and factor into your decision.

One of them is the software service fee. You see along the top there for the free version you get to keep 70 percent of your trading profits, you’re, paying at 30 percent performance fee or service fee. However, with advanced in vip, as you can see, you get to keep 80 of your trade in profits. You’Re paying just a 20 software service fee that additional 10 to trade and profits that you get to put into your own pocket is quite significant over time. And let’s run through a hypothetical example, to put it into perspective, if you had a ten thousand dollar trading account averaging ten percent per month, that’s going to equate to an additional twelve hundred dollars over a twelve month period.

Now, if you consider compound interest and automated compounding on a per trade basis with this software, it’s a lot more than twelve hundred. You can also see that the number of coins is going to vary depending on what level you decide to come in at the more coins you’re using technically the more moves you’re going to capture, because you’re always going to have a few coins that have decent amount Of volatility in any particular days that something is always making you profit, even if some coins – god that’s one uh as brent, was just saying that what’s so important, you know you want to get in guys and trade as many as corn. As you can, you know, as a free member, you only can trade two coins, but when you diversify and you trade up to two more than two coins diversification got, some coins could literally just i mean, move like crazy during a run of a month for you, Unlike anything you’ve ever seen and when you’re diversified over more amount of coins, that is the advantage of upgrading to at least the advance and some of it’s going to run with the vip. Let’S continue so flat, the number of crypto exchanges you get to use simultaneously varies as well. At the vip package you get to use five crypto exchanges.

Why is that important? Well, you don’t want all your eggs in one basket. You want to diversify and mitigate risk when it comes to crypto exchanges as well. You don’t want all your money in one crypto exchange, but the free, advanced and vip package come with the out of box. One click setup strategy.

Each level comes with step-by-step guides and tutorials and a knowledge base. That’S been rolled out right now. You also get full access to the affiliate rewards program. Even if you’re, a free member, you can earn as much from the comp plan as a vip member. The done-for-you marketing system is available at all levels as well.

Private one-on-one support is exclusive for the vip package and the last one is quite significant. If you are running to get into that founders club and be one of the thousand people that will ever qualify for it, then you want to position yourself at the vip level, because it is a requirement in order to be eligible to qualify for the founders club. So get in where you fit in my friends, there’s something for everybody here, but the most important thing is that you get started and finally get some money working for you and something reliable for fun. Stay in your own control, something with longevity and sustainability. That’S going to be here for the long term, let’s take a moment now to clearly define and paint a picture of exactly how your funds are distributed when using easybot.

Remember that you are not giving away control of your trading capital, your trading funds is staying in your own crypto exchange, which is one of the beautiful things about easybot you’re, connected via api to easybox, which takes about 90 seconds to set up, and then inside your Easybot wallet is where you are going to send your annual subscription fee, whether that’s advanced or vip, and along with that, you want to send roughly five percent of the amount of capital that you’re trading with remember. Easybot has no ability to get its hands on the money. That’S in your crypto exchange, so 100 of your profits is going back into your own crypto exchange. Therefore, every time a trade closes successfully, it’s going to charge the service fee from your easy bot wallet. So simply keep that topped up with three to five percent of what you’re trading with and that’s going to last you about six to eight weeks because remember you’re earning five times that over in your crypto exchange, if you’re using a paid version of the software funding, Your easybot wallets to pay for your annual membership is relatively simple log into your easybot dashboard, open up the menu and click on my wallet.

It should look like this and you will notice that the service fees which are deducted every time a successful trade closes and your affiliate commissions are appearing into the same wallet. By simply sharing this with a few people, you will never have to worry about paying the service fees. Your business can be self-funding right from the beginning and you’ll be able to leave 100 of your trade and profits in your crypto exchange to take full advantage of compounding to begin click on the deposit button, you will see three deposit options: usdt over the trc20 network. Usdt over the erc20 network, our usdc stablecoin over the erc20 network, make your selection and then enter the amount you plan to transfer to cover your annual membership license fee and also roughly five percent of the trading capital that you’re going to be trading with over. In your crypto exchange to cover those service fees notice, the processing fee here make sure you send enough to cover that fee.

Click on add, you’ll see this pop-up. That shows you the exact amount you need to send you’ll be given a qr code. If you’re using a mobile based, crypto wallet otherwise copy the wallet address to your clipboard and paste it into the withdrawal address on whatever crypto exchange or crypto wallet, you are sending the funds from back in your easybot wallet. You will now see a pending deposit once that transaction goes through and is cleared open up the menu again click on upgrade subscription. Here you will be selecting your chosen annual membership for their advanced or vip click on upgrade and when your purchase is successfully processed, you should be showing a thank you page.

That looks like this, where you can navigate back to your dashboard. For those of you using the binance.com crypto exchange with easybot, there are a few additional mandatory steps that you will need to take to ensure a smooth and optimal trading experience and to ensure that there are no interruptions in the bot trading. The first one is to maintain a balance in your spot wallet of roughly ten dollars worth of bnb for each additional ten thousand dollars in trading capital that you are trading, add an additional ten dollars of b, which is more than enough breathing room, because these are Quite minuscule fees, this bnb will go towards the spot trading fees, which is going to drastically reduce how much you are paying in fees when trading with easybot. The second step you need to do is enable bnb spot trading fees so navigate to your profile inside binance.

om click on dashboard scroll down. Until you see this section right here, where it says spot trading fee and make sure that this toggle button is turned on, then you’re ready to go we’ll just run through a quick example of how to bind binance.com navigate to bot management. Click on user exchanges. You’Ll see a page that looks like this, so you click on add user exchange, give us a name from the drop down menu, you’re, going to select your crypto exchange and then you’re going to retrieve.

What’S called your api key and a secret key. So inside of binance.com, you want to navigate under your profile here. Click on api management give it a name like easybot and click create api you’ll have to pass this two-step security verification where you send a code to your email and also the code from the authenticator app once you’ve passed that security verification scroll down. First thing to do is click on edit restrictions and tick.

The box that says enable spot and manage your trading click on save with binance
Com, if you’re, not defining specific ip addresses that you’re going to be connecting to you, will have to renew this every 90 days by coming in here, just reactivating so click. Ok on that, you may get an additional security pop-up with the authenticator app once you’ve confirmed that copy the api key to your clipboard paste. It in here we’re going to highlight the secret key copy to our clipboard and paste it in here, and then click save here. You can see the example that we just created. We’Ve now binded our crypto exchange, in this case binance.

om to our easybot dashboard, navigate to bot management click on bots and now you’re going to see just how easy it is to put this part running so click on add new, give it a title. For example, the coin you plan to trade and the exchange see default configuration is already ticked. We then select the exchange that we just connected and now we’re going to select our coin this case etc. Leave it at cycle, leave it at active, make sure auto compounding is ticked and when we do that, it’s going to automatically take 3.3 percent of the amount of trading capital that we allocate to this specific coin.

So, in here, in balance, is where you want to decide how much of your usdt balance over in binance.com you want to allocate to this particular coin. When default, configuration is selected, as you can see, the complex stuff is grayed out and you simply click save so give it a name. Select the exchange select the coin enter the balance, click save that’s literally. All you have to do if you want some guidance on which coins to select you can go to coinmarket.

om. You can look at each coin and get an idea of how much it moves. For example, dot and polygon matic is also an option and you can see coins like that altcoins are going to move more on a daily basis than something like bitcoin, so you might want to go with those coins before you go with bitcoin, because the more volatility The more trade and profits you’re going to see, so it’s really as simple as that to set up and put running your easy bot for each coin, that you decide to trade with simply repeat that process for each coin. So, let’s do a quick recap on what you need to do right now: you’re going to fund your ease about wallet with the amount of funds necessary to cover your chosen annual software license, plus those service fees. Remember i said that’s about five percent of the trading capital.

That’S over in your crypto exchange. Second thing is obviously purchase your vip or advanced license. As shown in this video fund, your crypto exchange with the amount of trading capital you plan to trade with and then share this video with your team with your personal referrals and your team, so that they can be shown step by step how to get up and Running with this incredible software, i hope you got a ton of value from this video. My friend, i look forward to hearing about your success with easybot and i’ll. See you at the top take care, absolutely incredible.

Let’S get our bot funded, upgraded activated right now. Have a wonderful day bye for now i’ll put the links below the video

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