20 Reasons Why Crypto Traders Use Eazybot – and Why You Should

If you have been thinking of investing in a crypto robot for automated trading, chances are you have heard about Eazybot and its offering of allowing traders to grow their cryptocurrency automatically hands-free. 

However, for someone big on due diligence, much of the effort put in by promoters of the AI crypto software through videos and campaigns may paint the picture of too good to be true.

I have created this extensive post to tell you what many Eazybot users won’t easily disclose to you about what they are gaining from Eazybot as their trading bot. In this post, we will narrow it into 20 top reasons why crypto traders are using Eazybot, which doubles as the reason why you may want to give it a try too.

The major reason why Eazybot is popular among crypto traders now is that the automated trading robot keeps funds in your control, has preset trading strategies for beginners, boasts of market crash correction, auto-compounding, and 24/7 customer support, transparent ownership, and free software version.

There is more to the aforementioned, though. As we progress, we will look in-depth into these factors.

Top Reasons Why Crypto Traders Use Eazybot

1. Funds are kept in traders’ control

A hundred per cent of the funds are in your control when trading with Eazybot. This means you have full control of the funds that you are having access to, but at the same time, what’s being traded? 

A lot of times, in some other trading bot, people have to deposit money into a broker or a middleman or put their money into different software for it to start generating income. 

And then, you probably can’t pull your money out until after a couple of days. The opposite is the case when using Eazybot as your automated trading tool. With this platform, you have full control and many traders find this appealing.

In other words, whatever money that is in your exchange, all you need do is connect the bot to your crypto exchange – Binance, Kraken etc. Therefore, your money is in your exchange, just like how it may be if you’re already invested in crypto. The difference is that you just connect this bot and it starts making you more money in trading for you.

2. Base currency is USDT

The base currency in Eazybot is USDT. The crypto exchanges that this bot works with perfectly fine are Binance (Preferable by many in the United States), Houbi, Coinbase and Kraken. These are platforms you can use to pair with Eazybot for automated trading given that its base currency is USDT.

So if you’re already using any of these exchanges, then you are already one step ahead. But if you’re not, you just might have to transfer some of your crypto assets from your other exchange to another exchange in other to take advantage of Eazybot.

3. Effective trading strategies

Unlike many other bots, Eazybot uses a lot of trading strategies like cost averaging and scalp trading strategies to ensure that they are going to make traders profit consistently. 

I recently wrote about a case study that shows how my trading profit grew with Eazybot integration and strategies. You can read that HERE

4. Reliable market crash correction

The market crash correction is one thing that makes many crypto traders rush to use Eazybot and probably one important reason why you may want to consider using the bot as well.

If the market was to go down 70% (if you have spent years trading, you will be used to seeing this), Eazybot can actually withstand that type of market crash and still come out profitable based on their trading strategies. So if you have an asset on Bitcoin, XRP and the rest, this is something that gives you reliability. 

5. Auto compounding effect

This is also one of the most amazing things about Eazybot because it allows traders to compound your account. For instance, suppose you made one penny and every time you double that penny through compounding it’s going to grow. So, if you make a deal with $1, $1 doubles to $2, doubles to $4, doubles to $8, then $16, then $32, … and so on.

This makes Eazybot an edge over the linear platform. Compounding is so important and the interesting thing about the Eazybot compounding effect is that it compounds every single trade that it enters. There are some other automated platforms where the compounding is 2% every day but Eazybot compounds every trade.

6. Supports 21 different coins

Eazybot has at least 10 to 21 coins that can be traded within this bot. This makes sense to a lot of traders because suppose this bot was trading like 200 coins, and the majority of the coins follow each other if Bitcoin were to go down. you might see XRP go down along with zero X, Ethereum and others towards the same trajectory.

It appears Eazybot carefully handpicked coins that they know are going to work with their strategy, therefore are also going to provide consistent profits.

7. Spot trading feature

 With spot trading that Eazybot also offers, you’re looking at 8% to 12% per month growth, and potentially beyond that.

8. No social/copying trading 

One of the frequently asked questions from live sessions by users is Does Eazybot has social/copying trading effect? The answer is No. Eazybot does not have social copy trading. And, I think it just wouldn’t make sense as it would defeat the purpose of the automation.

If you want to learn how to trade, then you can always incorporate this feature, but let this platform do the work as there wouldn’t be any need or reason for them to have somebody sending out signals or telling you when to enter and when to exit when they already have a proven system that’s doing it for you anyways. 

9. Recommended dollars per coin

Eazybot recommends that the least traders should invest for automated trading per coin is $600. This is for a good reason which I have explained in-depth in this recent post HERE

However, you can still go in below that amount but at your own risk. I know of people coming in with $100 or $200. However, they do recommend $600.00 based on their software performance

10. Free software version 

One of the things that make Eazybot appeal to many crypto traders is that it allows you to get started for free. There are a lot of other companies where you might have to have a startup fee. Some will make it unavoidable that you get started for X amount of dollars.

I’ve seen so many different crypto automation platforms where they’re asking for $1,000 as an initial subscription before you can even start seeing profit within your automated systems. Eazybot platform lets you get started for free.

11. Trading performance fee

I don’t have a problem with a trading performance fee because they save you a lot of time as a trader. If you are a trader, you will relate to the time investment required to trade, learn, mark up charts, find positions to go in for trades, buy and sell, but this platform does it all for you. 

So if you decide to go with the free version of this platform, there will be a 30-70 split. This means you will be paid out your 70% per trade that is entered. Eazybot is letting you keep 70% of those profits while they take 30% of those profits. 

Again, many traders consider this a win-win situation because you got to watch Netflix and Chill while they were making you money in the background. And of course, there is a paid version of this platform where they only take 20% and keep you with 80%.

For instance, if they made you $15 in a trade, that means they’re taking at least $3 and you kept $12 from that one trade they entered. 

12. Annual Fee subscription

Now there’s an annual fee for those who want to get started. When you don’t have an annual fee, you’re just making money and you know you’re on the free version, so you’re good on the advanced version. 

EazyBot pricing

If you decide that you want to get started with a $250 package, it simply means that you get more access to coins that you can trade. So, suppose you have 20 coins. In that case, it’ll probably be able to trade up to that amount versus the free version where you are probably only looking at maybe 5 or 10. 

In other words, the more that you’re paying, the more coins that it could trade for you; the same as in its compounding.

13. No need for concurrent strategies

Another good thing about using Eazybot is that you don’t need concurrent strategies because it’s automated. You don’t need someone to teach you multiple different strategies since the whole point is for it to be an easy bot. 

14. 24/7 customer support

Also, traders who use Eazybot are wooed by its 24/7 customer support. I know, a lot of times, people come into platforms or come into places and they’re looking for a support team. On some platforms, it takes a long time for them to get back or maybe there is not at all and everything is via e-mail.

This is not the case with Eazybot. Here, there is a whole support team right behind you if you need them at any time ranging from set-up to utilization and questions.

Questions like: How do I plug Eazybot into my exchange and How do I withdraw from Eazybot, among others, can be obtained by contacting the support team.

15. Withdrawal at any time

Speaking about withdrawal, another Pro of this software is that, because it’s inside of your exchange and you have full control over it, you can withdraw your funds at any time. Crypto is open 24/7, which means it’s trading all the time, every single day non-stop and you’re able to withdraw your funds simply because it is inside of your exchange. 

You don’t have to wait for the weekend or months as seen in most other competing bots. I am part of another crypto automation where it takes one whole year for my initial investment to double.

16. Community support

Yes, there is community support. Once you get started, you’re going to be added to a group chat filled with a whole bunch of investors like me which doubles as proof to show you that we’re all making money together. 

There’s definitely a community you also have access to 24/7 support, so you are not going to be left behind and you’re also not going to get lost.

So wherever you’re located, you can even try to start meeting up with some of your teammates to hang out and go out on a trip together because we’re all making money. Isn’t that great?

17. Transparent ownership

It is apparent that the owners of Eazybot are concerned with building trust and they hold accountability. This is evidence because they show their faces. A look at Eazybot official website, you can know what the owners look like, what they sound like via their videos and the weekly calls you are entitled to as a user.

In live sessions, they discuss their vision, their goals, and what they believe they can do. And as a movement to help people bring in passive income. In this recent article, we discussed a brief history account of Eazybot and the profile of its founders.

In contrast, there are other platforms where we don’t know who their CEO is. Although nothing may appear wrong with it since users are still making their money, platforms like that are easier to appear shady.

18. Access to Eazybot software developers

Sequel to transparent ownership, access to eazybot software developers every week on group calls is a huge plus. Through this, you’re able to ask them questions such as how they invented the bot, what the automated process entails, and their thought process.

I have witnessed many new users ask the developers what they believe in the future of Eazybot and how long it is going to last which they believe is going to last a lifetime. Because they’re also showing their face and letting you know what they know, they’re very close to their community that is right behind them. 

19. Referral Bonus as passive income potential

If you decide that you want to share Eazybot, do you have to? No, you do not have to share it if you don’t want to. 

However, with this platform, if you do feel as if you want to do so, they have done-for-you sales funnels. Now, if want to become an affiliate for a proven system that works where everyone is making money. 

Eazybot has a landing page and funnels set up for you so that if you want to share this with your friends and families, then you already have a sales funnel set up for you and then grow your passive income through compensation from referrals.

Know more about the Eazybot MLM Referral Bonus plan in this recent review.

20. Available on web and mobile

Lastly, you don’t necessarily have to own a computer or go to the web version before you use Eazybot. All features in the web form of the Eazybot platform are equally available on its Mobile application which can be gotten from Google Playstore or the IOS store.

However, it is usually advised to stick with the desktop version of the software for easier navigation, especially during the binding process with your exchange account.

Final words

If these reasons appeal to you as someone who owns a crypto asset, then it must have been that you have been sleeping on all these leverages for automated trading. However, the good news is that you can still get started today with a new welcome bonus by signing up HERE

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